Grow The Future Of Digital Marketing
June 27, 2019 | by Lisa Ramirez

Transform The Digital Age

Businesses of all shapes and sizes rely on digital and social media to connect with customers. University of Advancing Technology's (UAT) Digital Marketing bachelor's degree combines technology skills with marketing, target awareness and messaging in a field that is both analytical and creative.

Innovation at the Speed of Tech - UAT Launches 3 New Programs
June 24, 2019 | by Mike Hines




University of Advancing Technology (UAT) was founded on the basis of creating an institution to incubate and train individuals to become leaders in technology.


For over 35 years, UAT has continued to evolve, grow and move right along with high-paced technology fields that have been created out of necessity and demand. UAT's innovative degrees are at the forefront of the revolutionary age with degrees in Cybersecurity, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Game Production, Software Engineering, Robotics and more.

UAT Finalist for 2019 Tempe Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards
June 18, 2019 | by Mike Hines

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce revealed the finalists for the 2019 Business Excellence Awards and UAT was nominated. The awards honor one small business and one large business that serves as a positive role model to others and is active in the Tempe community. Each finalist has a strong business mission and an impressive history of giving back.

Happy Father’s Day to the Father of Geeks – Nikolas Tesla
June 16, 2019 | by Mike Hines

Physicist, engineer, inventor and honorary father of geeks – Nikolas Tesla was famous for numerous inventions but most notably the first alternating current (AC) motor and developed AC generation and transmission technology. According to the History Channel, “Though he was famous and respected, he was never able to translate his copious inventions into long-term financial success—unlike his early employer and chief rival, Thomas Edison.”

Happy Birthday, Army - From UAT
June 14, 2019 | by Lisa Ramirez

Creation of the U.S. Army 

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How UAT Supports the Executive Order on America's Cybersecurity Workforce
May 13, 2019 | by Technology Writer

On May 2nd, President Trump signed the Executive Order on America’s Cybersecurity Workforce, recognizing the country’s information security professionals as a “strategic asset that protects the American people, the homeland, and the American way of life” and recognizing the need to enhance the mobility and professional development of the cyber workforce across the United States.


Cybersecurity Thought Leader Dr. Rebecca Wynn Shares her Best Career Advice
April 26, 2019 | by Carlie Kratz

University of Advancing Technology May 2019 honorary doctorate recipient Dr. Rebecca Wynn likes to go fast. As the Head of Information Security and Data Protection Officer (DPO) at Matrix Medical Network, Dr. Wynn leads the overall security strategy, security architecture development and security programs. She is always working on multiple projects at the same time, finding new ways to leverage cutting-edge risk management tools, machine learning and artificial intelligence to narrow the gap between a specific event detected on the network and first responders receiving actionable data.