Watch Your Language!
May 6, 2019 | by Mike Hines

Watch Your Language is a new tool to monitor curse words on a gaming chat platform. This Student Innovation Project (SIP) monitors what players are saying and flags words deemed inappropriate.  The intent is to warn the player to watch their language. Rocky Vargas (Game Programming) explains, “Our innovation claim is that gameplay is intensified by turning the foul language gamers use into a mechanic for punishment.” 

No games use speech recognition this way as of today. Alarms go off and the display monitor will show the word once this mechanic detects the foul words. It actively monitors and provides the code for the element that’s purposed for any specific word.  This technology doesn’t have to be limited to gamers. Anything that has code, this concept can be applied anywhere there is a microphone. The users have the ability to enter whatever words they wish to omit/punish. Rocky created the original code to start detecting words and made the streaming portion completely active, while Michael polished the code and hooked everything up, including the sirens and alarms.

Robotics Engineer to Software Developer
February 22, 2019 | by Ashley Murry

Greck Santiago likes to build things—robots, circuit boards, microcontrollers. Naturally, when he came to the University of Advancing Technology to study robotics, he thought he would graduate and get a job as a robotics engineer. Then he discovered software engineering and embedded programming and realized that building cool things didn’t necessarily involve hardware and wires.


Arizona's Fight Against the Tech Talent Shortage
February 15, 2019 | by Ashley Murry

Right now, there are 7,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs in Arizona alone. Nationally, we need an additional 400,000 security analysts, network engineers, vulnerability researchers, pen testers and other professionals to fight cybercrime and protect data. The Obama Administration estimated that the US would have 1.4 million computer science jobs by 2020—but only 400,000 computer science graduates to fill them.

Create a jQuery Website in a Day
October 5, 2018 | by Jeff Chabot

jQuery and HTML5 are taking over the web.

Military Student Creates App for Army Physical Fitness Test
September 13, 2017 | by Technology Specialist

Written by game programming student William Mann.


When I was a soldier in the U.S. Army, I was responsible for being able to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) and for meeting the weight standards for my age, height, and gender.