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A lot of people claim to have the best recipes during the holiday season. But at UAT, we have our own special recipe… a recipe for success!

It’s not instant, but once you start cooking, it’s not a complicated method. It starts like this…

1. Take a technology infused campus.

(You can find this at https://www.uat.edu/see-technology-college.)

2. Stir in brilliant professors with a variety of real-world experience.


Professor Craig Belanger, A.K.A., the thinker. 

UAT faculty come from all around the world and all share a passion for technology and teaching. As leaders in their respected areas of advancing technology, faculty many times can and do earn much more in industry, although they live to teach the brightest minds with powerful one-on-one relationships. Our faculty is here because they love the thrill of teaching the next generation of technology leaders.

Learn more about our featured faculty at https://www.uat.edu/faculty-at-university-of-advancing-technology

And view some of our Faculty Sessions:

3. Add a mixture of clubs and competitions.

Our clubs are as unique as our culture. UAT has a variety of clubs and campus activities such as Magic the Gathering, Robotics, Warhammer, Japanese, Coding, Gardening and Nerf Wars.


Overseeing the clubs is Geek RHO, a student-run organization designed to give UATers a voice and their say in University traditions. See the current list at https://www.uat.edu/student-clubs

4. Bake for less than 3 years.

Yeah, you read that right—in FEWER THAN THREE YEARS you can have your bachelor's degree and be on your way.

And the end result? Success! An education that prepares superior graduates to become tomorrow’s innovators. Find the full recipe and ingredients for your chosen degree at www.uat.edu. We can't wait to see what you will be serving up in the next few years. Get started now



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