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How Far We've Come: UAT 2003-2012

Continuing to Innovate Within Higher Education  Welcome to part three of our series detailing University of Advancing Technology's (UAT) history throughout the decades, now highlighting the years ...
Picture of Katy Toerner Katy Toerner 24 Min Read
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Running Your Own Email Server

What is MIAB? Running your own email service provider sounds like a daunting task but it can be made easier by using an array of tools that have been combined into a self-hosted service called "Mail ...
Picture of Aaron Jones Aaron Jones 5 Min Read
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What is a Password Manager?

Forgot Password? A password manager is a tool that is designed to manage many passwords in a secure and easy to access manner. Using a single password for all your accounts increases the likelihood ...
Picture of Aaron Jones Aaron Jones 5 Min Read
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Sight-Reading and Ear Training Get a Makeover from UAT Student

Using Games to Teach Music Team Member: Sam McKinley, Game Programming
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Catalog Your Minifig Collection with The Minifig Bin

LEGO Lovers Unite! Team Member: Zack Driscoll, Game Programming
Picture of UAT Staff Writer UAT Staff Writer 12 Min Read
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Come Along on a Fantastic Voyage: UAT from 1993-2002

A Decade of Rapid Change and Evolution Before University of Advancing Technology (UAT) became an official university, it began as CAD Institute in 1983. CAD Institute was a computer-aided design ...
Picture of Stace Dixon Stace Dixon 21 Min Read
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UAT Retires Cyber Warfare Range, Introduces SOC

UAT Adds Security Operation Center After more than 10 years, University of Advancing Technology (UAT) retired its Cyber Warfare Range and in August 2021, added its own Security Operations Center ...
Picture of UAT Staff Writer UAT Staff Writer 10 Min Read
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Cybersecurity: the 6th C of Arizona

Students Gain Industry Insight from Director Roemer On Monday, October 3, 2022, students, staff and faculty welcomed Director of the Arizona Department of Homeland Security, Tim Roemer, to University ...
Picture of Erin Sullivan Erin Sullivan 11 Min Read
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Turn Back Time: UAT from 1983-1992

CAD Institute to UAT - A Time of Transformation A long, long time ago... in 1983, the same year the Internet was born, in a place not so far away (Phoenix, Arizona), Dominic and Ann Pistillo founded ...
Picture of UAT Staff Writer UAT Staff Writer 15 Min Read
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Help Protect the University From AI

Students Bring the University to Life Through Game Team Members: Christelle Cyprien, Virtual Reality Anthony Marquez, Game Design Morgan Soetaert, Game Design, Game Programming
Picture of UAT Staff Writer UAT Staff Writer 17 Min Read
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