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Brook Cayce Award Winner Xenia Denoyer: A Profile in Excellence

Xenia Denoyer, a Kansas City, Missouri native and devoted Kansas City Chiefs fan, has been awarded the prestigious Brook Cayce Award at the University of Advancing Technology (UAT). Pursuing a degree in Advancing Computer Science, Denoyer's passion for technology is matched only by her love for dogs, with three beloved puppies waiting for her back home. In her leisure time, she enjoys playing video games, reading, and running Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.

Receiving the Brook Cayce Award holds significant meaning for Denoyer. She expressed her deep gratitude and honor, stating, "It means a lot to have been awarded the Brook Cayce Award. I am honestly at such a loss of words; this award has a lot of meaning to it, and to be awarded it makes me feel incredibly honored."

Denoyer has been actively involved in campus life at UAT, serving as a Student Ambassador. In this role, she provided tours to prospective students and assisted with events such as open houses. Though she will be graduating this upcoming May, Denoyer plans to stay connected with the UAT community through occasional visits.

Among the many influential figures at UAT, Denoyer highlighted Professor Perrine as a particularly impactful mentor. "Professor Perrine was a great professor and subject matter expert to have while attending UAT, always willing to help and give feedback when needed, especially during the development of Home Brew," she recalled. Their shared interests in video games like Persona 3 and Baldur's Gate 3 fostered engaging conversations, and Perrine's role as her eSports coach for the Overwatch Varsity team was instrumental in her growth. "It was my first time participating in eSports, and Perrine was extremely helpful and encouraging as I got used to working in a team setting. Thank you for everything, professor!"

Denoyer's most memorable moment at UAT was presenting her Student Innovation Project (SIP), Home Brew. She vividly remembered the anxiety before presenting, which transformed into confidence and excitement once she took the stage. "I'll never forget the sudden confidence and excitement I had to present my SIP. It was such an incredible moment as I got to demonstrate everything I had learned up until that point. SIP was such a wonderful experience for me, and I enjoyed every moment of it."

Looking ahead, Denoyer plans to pursue a career as a front-end developer. She is committed to continuous learning and is considering returning to UAT for her Master's degree in the future. As she prepares to embark on the next chapter of her journey, Denoyer's achievements and contributions at UAT will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy.

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