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Professor Aaron Jones Answers the Question: Can you get hired for a cyber job when you're right out of college?


Recently, I've been asked how a student can get a job in the cyber field right after graduating.


In my opinion, attaining a cyber degree is one piece of a larger puzzle. That is why UAT focuses on providing students with a degree and certificates, and then also encourages students to compete in different competitions. We also encourage students to focus on developing interview skills. 

Information technology is hyper-competitive and the level of success you attain will often directly correlate with the amount of effort you are willing to put into it.



Let’s pretend there exists only three jobs in the world. One job requires no education-based prerequisite. One job requires a bachelor's. Finally, one job requires a master’s. If you have no education, two-thirds of the jobs are immediately outside your qualifications, and you are guaranteed to never be hired for either of them. You are also competing with nearly 60% of the population since only approximately 34% of Americans have a college degree or bachelor’s equivalent.

The degree is part of the equation. It is mathematically sound to assume that if I get a bachelor’s degree, I can now compete for jobs that require a bachelor's. If the job does not require one but favors that degree, I have put myself above all other seekers lacking that degree. Adding on experience earned while in class, networking, and certificates, I can begin stacking the deck in my favor.

Job hunting is a serious competition. If you come to UAT, do nothing but earn your degree, and spend no additional time on personal development, you will earn the right to compete against the 34% of job seekers with a 4-year degree on relatively even footing.

UAT however is designed to give you an unfair advantage. We train on the latest technology. We develop our curriculum around what is coming and not what is 5 years too late. We provide you with the ability to get certificates and we encourage folks to go into competitions or get experience from other means like internships.

So, if you come to UAT without the intention of conquering, you will get a competitive degree and can compete on an even playing field with other graduates. But if you come to UAT with the intention of going above and beyond, you will have the opportunity to do so. You can get those certificates. You can compete. You can earn that unfair advantage and then you can succeed where others will not.

UAT is an opportunity. We can help you, but only you can ultimately decide where you land.


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As one of the longest-running cyber security degrees in the southwest, our complete continuum of undergraduate and graduate cyber security degrees have helped prepare more graduates with a NSA and CAE-credentialed education than any other university’s cyber security program in the southwest.


Our prestigious cyber security degrees include the undergraduate Network Security, Network Engineering, and Technology Forensics, and the elite graduate degree in Information Assurance transporting graduates to the leading edge of industry.



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