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Crafting the Future: John Velazco's Path to Animation Automation

John Velazco, a budding talent in Game Programming, embarked on a transformative journey through the Student Innovation Project (SIP) at the University of Advancing Technology. His SIP, aptly named the 3D Directional Animation Generator, aimed to revolutionize the animation process for 3D artists. 

"The 3D Directional Animation Generator is a plug-in for Blender that allows 3D animators to create directional-based animations within like 10 minutes," John Velazco explains, his voice brimming with enthusiasm for his innovative creation. 

As he reflects on the culmination of his SIP project, John Velazco expresses a profound sense of satisfaction. "How's it feel that now that I'm done with my SIP project? I feel quite satisfied," he shares. "It's something that obviously helps fulfill that niche area that I was trying to solve." 



For John Velazco, the SIP was not merely an academic requirement but an opportunity to exercise his creative prowess. "I believe that a SIP project does bring your creative mind into play because it's something that you want," he notes. "You try to think of a problem, but most of the problems today are already kind of fixed, so you kind of have to step into the niche areas to figure out what kind of problems should be solved." 

Indeed, John Velazco's project addressed a specific gap in the animation industry. "The niche area for me was directional-based animations," he explains. "There was no automated way to create directional-based animations, and you kind of have to just use your mind to find niche problems like that." 

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Through the process of developing his SIP project, John Velazco acquired invaluable skills essential for the professional landscape. "I believe that my project has pretty much prepared me for the professional workflow," he affirms. "It obviously made me learn a new scripting language, Python, and that alone would already help me just step into the professional workflow because Python is so big, and so many jobs are going to have it." 

Initially daunting, the SIP journey proved to be a transformative experience for John Velazco. "When I first started, it kind of felt daunting and scary to me because you obviously have to create something in order to graduate, something that you could be proud of, something that is innovative," he reflects. "It is something that no other college from what I could tell is doing right now." 

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As John Velazco's SIP journey comes to a close, he emerges not only as a skilled programmer but also as a visionary innovator poised to make waves in the world of game programming. Through his passion, creativity, and unwavering dedication, he epitomizes the spirit of innovation fostered by the SIP program. 


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