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Drawing Class in the UAT Movement Studio

Day one of the beginner drawing class starts with students exploring many types of traditional media. Getting comfortable with Conte crayon, various types of charcoal and art pencils is their first assignment. The drawing class guides students through an introduction to the hardness scale for art pencils and a tutorial on how different hardness levels of graphite react to erasing and blending. The goal of this class exercise is to introduce students to manipulating foreign media. We can’t wait to see the art they create!


Check out the art degrees UAT offers.


UAT offers more cool courses! Students are also excited for React Native, where they will learn and explore the future of mobile development. React Native helps users create real and exciting mobile apps with the help of JavaScript, which is supported by both Android and iOS platforms. By the end of the course, students will have created an app!


To prepare for a life of creating technologies, UAT students use agile approaches, including scrum, as the backbone of essentially all of their project development activities. Agile Technology instructs students in agile methodologies, terminologies and roles. Students will practice agile within this course to prepare them for team projects throughout their time at UAT and in their careers after graduation.


In the popular course, Writing for Interactive Games, students learn native design by defining the character, the world and the events of the game. Security + Certification class teaches students to identify and address security threats, attacks and vulnerabilities. This year, students are most excited for AST101 The Night Sky, AST301 The Solar System, GAM352 Game Systems Design and VRT330 Augmented Reality Development.


We have classes to tickle every technology fancy! Whether you’re interested in Game Art and Animation, Network Engineering or Virtual Reality, our degrees are made up of the coolest courses.


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Topics:   Geek411, Advancing tech education, geek 411


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