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Last semester, Audra Jackson (Advertising Art) was helping her boyfriend and his roommates rearrange their furniture through the use of digital graphing. This sparked an idea — what if there was a service that allowed people to see their room rearranged without actually moving their furniture? Thus, Easy Rearranging was born.

Easy Rearranging is an interior design company and app that provides digital layouts of arrangement possibilities for any space, enabling users with a way to rearrange their furniture in less time. The app is designed to allow users to send in the measurements of their room(s) and furniture and Easy Rearranging will create the layout and arrangement possibilities for just a small cost.

Easy Rearranging is dedicated to providing the best options to fit users’ needs, and can create layouts that may include getting new furniture or getting rid of an old piece, and can also provide layouts that bring everything closer or even create a more inviting space for large family gatherings.

How it Works

When opening the Easy Rearranging app for the first time, users sign in to their account through Facebook, Google or with an email and password. Once logged in, the homepage provides an example of furniture rearrangement after a remodel. The ‘pricing’ page details the cost of layouts provided based on the number of furniture items being moved. The ‘about’ page provides a description of what Easy Rearranging is and the services provided with contact information included at the bottom of the page.

The ‘measurements’ and ‘info’ pages enable users to fill out their personal information, measurements of furniture and reason for rearranging, as well as the option to attach images. Once a user submits this, a form is sent to the team email and the user receives an automatic inquiry email letting them know their request was received.

After the request is reviewed, the user will receive an estimate for the cost of digital layouts. Once the payment is received, the user receives a confirmation email with a timeframe for completion and delivery of the layouts. Finally, the user receives an email with the digital layouts attached. Users are encouraged to respond to the email if they have any questions or concerns.


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