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Cool New Course: Learn ELK Stack


UAT loves new, cool tools to assist in high-quality development with greater efficiency. To that end, UAT is now offering a course specifically to learn ELK Stack technology. It is a skill desired in today’s tech workplace—and UAT is able to quickly put together classes like this to stay on top of the latest technology. 


What is ELK? It is the acronym for three open source projects: Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. 




ELK Stack = Open source + Search and analytics engine + Server side data processing + Data visualization. This is a relatively new set of tools used to quickly be able to search data, and visualize it in real time. Here’s an example.




Using these tools together means you have far more power—and less development time to get there.


Contact your advisor to find out more about this course!



Interested in a degree in Data Science?

The Data Science degree at UAT provides students with the understanding and skills necessary to discover new ways to use data, analyze big data and IoT, create new data-centric technology and innovate how data is collected and understood. It encompasses the fundamentals of math, programming and statistics, which provides a basis for machine learning, text analysis, natural language processing and deep learning.


UAT’s Data Science degree will help you enhance how data is used and analyze the future of data.



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