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UAT Launches Certificate Programs in Cyber Security & Computer Science Programming

New Career Advancing Opportunities for Cyber Security and IT Professionals



University of Advancing Technology (UAT) now offers the option to earn a professional certificate in technology-centric disciplines. These certificate options derived from the reality that local business is starved of technology talent and as such find themselves having a difficult time scaling for growth. As a long time partner meeting the needs of business demands, UAT is seeking to impact sector growth head-on. These certificate options afford business owners and executives the ability to grow their company while offering employees seeking career advancement opportunities an affordable option to add professional development to their resume.

Cyber-Security-Cave-at-University-of-Advancing-Technology-5The Cybersecurity Cave on campus. 


UAT President Jason Pistillo said, “UAT understands that a company’s growth can be stifled due to lack of tech talent. In order to be part of the solution, UAT wants to help businesses reach their full potential by nurturing the current technology workforce and by providing the skills employees in tech need to further their careers. Educating and developing existing staff saves employers time and money by offering their employees a new skillset to take their company to the next level.”



Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Security Horizon, Russ Rogers said, “The potential for an organization to succeed, and even excel, at meeting its goals is becoming much more dependent on the people within the organization who best understand current technologies. Without this understanding, the organization may be lacking the critical technological advantages needed to perform at the highest level, and may be putting their most valuable assets at risk of compromise.”



UAT’s initial roll out includes options for cyber defense and for software development. Both options offer an intensive courseware for business owners to offer their technology staff in order to learn the most up-to-date information and techniques.



These comprehensive Certificate Programs offer many benefits to business owners and employees, such as flexible schedules – evening, online and hybrid classes are available to accommodate the working professional, a hands-on and skills-oriented classroom environment taught by industry professionals, and access to all campus resources and technology. Certificate credits earned can be applied to a graduate degree, upon completion of three courses; certificate credits can transfer towards a master’s degree.



UAT has partnered with Arizona Bank and Trust, who have agreed to assist startup companies by providing funding and financing for a grant to enroll tech employees in the certificate program. For large companies, employers have the ability to request a customized curriculum in an effort to address specific, more tailored needs.


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