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Gain a Cool Edge with the Hottest New Courses at UAT

UAT offers courses designed to ignite curiosity and challenge intellect — all while introducing students to the most exciting technological advancements that will reshape the future.

Step into the forefront of innovation with these thrilling new UAT courses on offer. From exploring the depths of the nervous system to traversing the highs and lows of the product development lifecycle, UAT has an exhilarating odyssey available to embark on!

Check out the complete list* of course offerings via UAT’s catalog.

SPT323: Advanced Prototyping

Ready to take your ideas from concept to creation? Prepare to take on complex prototyping challenges across varied contexts, for coursework competencies that can apply toward a career in product design, architecture, and other industries. Students learn cutting-edge skills in virtual reality prototyping, CAD, generative design, and simulation techniques through hands-on experience with software like Gravity Sketch, Autodesk Fusion, Ultimaker Cura, Bambu Studio, and more. Generative design and automation concepts will be explored, using AI and machine learning to accelerate the design process. Proficiency in simulating prototypes, including electronics cooling and injection molding, will enable rigorous testing and refinement before physical prototyping.

SPT323: Interfacing with the Nervous System

The nervous system is the root of our biology — managing everything we sense, integrating all that information to formulate decisions, and carrying out those decisions throughout the body. Thanks to advancements in technology, we can now measure and interact with our biological core. This course will explore the technologies used to interface with the nervous system: Electroencephalogram, Brain Computer Interfaces, Electromyography Controlled Prosthesis, Deep Brain Stimulation, and others. The course culminates with the creation of students’ own Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of a new technology used to interact with the nervous system. Prepare to unravel the mysteries within!

TCH200: Product Development

Gain a nuanced understanding of the product development lifecycle for technologies in this course. Students will review case studies, tracking insights discovered from inception to innovation, all the way to production and eventual distribution to market. Discussion of these findings as well as considerations necessary for long-tail product development will ensue, enhancing students’ understanding of the trials and triumphs of the contemporary product development lifecycle.

*Course offerings vary by semester


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