University of Advancing Technology (UAT) boasts of many interesting clubs, including Kendo Club! Kendo is a type of traditional Japanese martial art that originated from swordsmanship. Through the combination of physical activity and teachings of self-restraint and discipline, students learn the basics of swordplay and respect for the opponent. Practices are every Friday night and comprise of activities such as defending against a constant attacker, armored first strike and verbal lessons.


Kendo is unique in the way that each practitioner develops their own style of swordplay. The current Kendo instructor, Allison, says, “You could spend your entire life training in one style, and when you get to a competition, you will fight somebody you’ve never seen before, and you have to learn to adapt to how they fight.”


Check out all the clubs UAT has to offer, and don’t forget to join friends at the Kendo club on Fridays.




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