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Ke'Ondrae Mell: From Student to Success

Ke'Ondrae Mell was a very busy student and a familiar face for most at University of Advancing Technology (UAT). In fact, no one could understand how he even had time to sleep, as often as he was working on projects. And although he’s missed by both staff and faculty, he is already a great success in the tech world. Ke’Ondre shared his thoughts about his education and how it helped him prepare for his current position.

tech student Ke'Ondrae Mell 

When did you graduate and what degree did you receive?

I graduated in August of 2020, with 5 degrees: Bachelors in Robotics and Embedded Systems, and Digital Maker and Fabrication; and Associates in Advancing Computer ScienceArtificial Intelligence, and Enterprise Software Development.

As a recent grad, how has a technology degree made a difference?

A tech degree made a big difference because I was able to be exposed to new and up-to-date technology that is used in the industry. Being on par with the tech that is used in industry led me to interview with a number of big name companies.

Where are you working and what is your position now?

Currently I am working at Oryx as an Electrical Engineer. 

Do you feel you could have gotten this job without a degree?

Without my degrees I feel like I would not have been able to get this job, just because of how much I learned in school. UAT brought me up to speed on technology really quickly and also introduced me to topics that I didn't know and explored myself.  

In your opinion, why is a college degree important?

Having a college degree is important because it shows that you were able to apply yourself to a goal. The GPA of that degree is a reflection of the quality of which you achieved that goal. This is important to an employer. It's also important because of the knowledge that you gain from a higher education degree.

The technology degree taught me more than just theories of a task. The real-world labs and projects made me feel at home when starting a new engineering job. 

What specifically made your education at UAT worth the cost?

What made UAT worth the cost was the amazing staff, and the freedom to express my creative ideas

A technology education is worth it!

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The University of Advancing Technology Ranked in the Top 20% of Institutions for Economic Mobility 

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