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Born and raised in Arizona, Isis Boone graduated high school early to get to UAT ASAP. She’s studying Artificial Intelligence and is already looking forward to adding Robotics and Embedded Systems as a second degree.

Isis was immediately drawn to the Artificial Intelligence degree — she’s always had a spark for programming and building robots. During her adolescence, she was on an all-women’s robotics team that doubled as a Girl Scouts troop, which inspired her to strive to do and be whatever she wanted. From building with 3D printers to completing puzzles, Isis has always loved creating and wants to make something the world has never seen and change the world with technology.

Isis was most excited to attend UAT for its inviting atmosphere. She felt that UAT is a school she could attend and not be judged for what she chose to study.

Isis feels that she has gained so much from UAT, even though it’s only been one semester. She’s had the opportunity to make connections with many different people who have similar interests and benefits from one-on-one help with professors who have been a wealth of knowledge for improving her skills, such as programming and refining 3D prints. UAT has shown her a whole new world of people who are interested in technology and who want to see students succeed.

Isis is inspired by her parents, who encourage her to be the best she can be. Isis believes that you should follow your passions and not let anyone get you down. Isis’ hobbies include playing video games, hanging out with friends, cooking, 3D printing and fishkeeping.

Creativity takes on new forms with a degree in Artificial Intelligence from UAT.



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