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Our commitment to equality.

Considering the unrest and outpouring of anger currently sweeping the nation over the death of George Floyd at the hands of police, I would like to remind my fellow employees of the injustices that persist in our society today. We must view this time as a searing reminder that there is still much to be done, to combat inequality in the hopes of a better and brighter future for generations to come. While there are no simple solutions to magically make the hurt and pain disappear, we must endeavor to use this extraordinarily painful time as the turning point on this important issue.

Biases remain in this society as a biproduct of years of injustices perpetuated against people of color. UAT has stood on the front lines ensuring equality for all students and staff, while enabling a sterile and safe learning environment for all who walk through these doors and beyond. UAT is an organization that champions diversity and inclusion and that is reflected through its students, faculty, and staff. Classes taught highlight the contribution of African Americans in our society, so students get a cornucopia of ideas of African American contributions to society.



UAT is an organization that champions diversity and inclusion and that is reflected through its students, faculty, and staff.



As Lyndon N. Johnson stated in 1965, and I quote “It is our duty – and it is our desire – to open our hearts to humanity’s cry for help. It is our obligation to seek to understand what could lie beneath the flames that scarred that great city. So, let us equip the poor and the oppressed – let us equip them for the long march to dignity and to wellbeing. But let us never confuse the need for decent work and fair treatment with an excuse to destroy and to uproot (Johnson 1965)”.


As a nation, we need to come together and face the ugly past that is so rightfully behind us. We need to smite it whenever and wherever it raises its ugly head. We need to hold those in charge accountable when they violate the very trust that has been entrusted to them. It will not happen overnight, but for this wound to heal, we need to dress it and nurse it back to health. We need to hold each other accountable and not be afraid to stand up for what is right, even when that means you are standing alone.





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