Professor Natasha Vita-More gave a talk virtually to Microsoft Main Campus for the Extreme Futures Tech Festival. Great people and much fun!


The EFTF is a tech conference focused on emerging technology trends, across the tech sector. It covers the latest in emerging technology, the trends but also social impact and emerging societal changes and where we are going with technology and where it affects us and business.


In this ‘issue’ of EFTF we have topics from bio engineering, cybernetics (including a live demo of an implant procedure), artificial intelligence, cloud computing, maker trends, XR technologies (AR/VR and Wearables), IoT and many more.


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Professor Vita-More was also featured in an article called, The Science Surrounding Cryonics, co-authored by David W. Crippen, Robert J. Shmookler Reis, Ramon Risco, and herself, and can be found on the front page of MIT Technology Review.

Fab Com

Written by Fab Com