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Candy Corn Teeth & Pumpkin Guts, Students Carve Creatively

Life is Gourd at UAT

When you think of fall, what comes to mind? Probably football, leaves changing and definitely pumpkin carving! University of Advancing Technology (UAT) students gathered outside of Founder's Hall to carve up a variety of gooey gourds. From candy corn teeth to pumpkin innards spilled like guts, the students carved up some extra creative designs. Although some of the jack-o'-lanterns were spooky, there were more laughs than screams happening on campus during this event. Well, there were still a few screams during the hay fight because what is pumpkin carving without a little hay throwing? Before the hay fight started, students got creative and used the hay to give their gourds funky hairstyles.

pumpkin (1)

We know fall looks a little different in Arizona, but that does not stop students from taking advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoying fall activities. Students spiced up the steps of Founder's Hall with their pumpkins. Along with all the pumpkins, students always decorate the dorm lobby depending on the season and upcoming holiday. They were able to take the festive fall decorations and turn the lobby into a mini haunted house using giant spider webs, ghosts and even a 12' skeleton! Not to brag, but Founder's Hall always looks spook-tacular during the Halloween season thanks to our students. 

Students can find all monthly activities on the calendar in the lobby of Founder's Hall. Another great way to stay involved and in the know with the other ghouls is through Discord or Geek RHO. There are different channels on Discord for events, general conversation with peers, and pictures of cute animals. Geek RHO formed to give the student body at UAT a collective voice and to set traditions within the University. Geek RHO holds weekly meetings that are open to all students, and members encourage everyone to get involved. 

Jack Skellington


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