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Stand Against Cyber Bullies

Cyber Bullying Is Serious

Online harassment, sometimes known as cyber bullying, can take many shapes, but is still a serious threat to the well-being of others. Sometimes people dismiss or perceive cyber bullying as a non-issue, but hostile behavior online has caused serious harm­—including suicide—in individuals.

Cyber bullying can happen on social media, over devices like cell phones, over email, or through online gaming platforms. Anywhere that a person can convey a message, they could potentially use that venue to send hateful, hurtful, or harmful messages. The ubiquity of devices and tools that can be used has led to a near permanent potential to receive messages that may cause distress.

A famous example of a cyber bullying incident is that of Megan Meier. Megan committed suicide by hanging herself after it was discovered that a grown woman who knew Megan had pretended to be a boy and lured her into an online relationship—which she then used to humiliate her. Megan was devastated by this behavior and chose to take her own life.

It is important to understand that online harassment can have very strong ramifications in the outside world, and if you or someone you know are being bullied, you should seek assistance. You can communicate with a school counselor or law enforcement, and specifically at UAT, speak with Student Services if you are dealing with any kind of cyber bullying.

Don't suffer alone, and in the same frame of thinking, practice kindness online. 

stop cyber bullying

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