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Steve Johnson Voted President of the UAT Foundation


In an unanimous vote, Steve Johnson, M.Div., STM, was elected president of the UAT Foundation.

The UAT Foundation is a nonprofit that raises funds to provide scholarships to students attending the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, Arizona. The Foundation’s mission is to provide higher education opportunities and access to future technology leaders, digital citizens, thinkers and innovators, and 100% of donated funds go directly to students.



“I feel a sense of deep privilege to serve as the President of the UAT Foundation,” said Johnson. “Having served in nonprofit fundraising for almost 30 years, I am energized by the opportunity to further focus the efforts of the Foundation to sharing the case for, inspiring trust in, and continuing to build a large community around support for the UAT community.”


According to Johnson, “…increased financial and relational support will help students get over the next summit and be an integral part in creating a yet-to-be-imagined technological future. Let’s remove whatever obstacle we can, so that UAT students can continue to imagine and design the future for all of us!”

The UAT Foundation provides multiple scholarships annually for exemplary students who desire to learn and innovate through the creation of technology, applied ethically to enhance society.

Find out more at https://uatedufoundation.org




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