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Inspiring Innovation During the Spring SIP Showcase


Our Spring 2022 Student Innovation Project (SIP) Showcase was back in person this semester! On Tuesday, April 26, 2022, University of Advancing Technology (UAT) students gathered in the UAT Theater to present their projects to faculty, staff, peers, and the community.

Art Direction Professor, Dapzury Valenzuela, hosted the event and was excited as ever to be back in person for this event. "I couldn't be prouder of the outcome! Our UAT students created MVPs to demonstrate their innovative problem-solving skills in front of our faculty, staff, and community. Our goal is to foster human ingenuity through projects that entertain, educate, connect, and protects us."

"This semesters projects from our on-ground and online students included a unique filming style using multispectral videography, a music-lovers app based on AI, a browser tool to enhance privacy and online safety, a facial recognition software to unlock safes, a steganography project to protect data, an interactive ear-training and sight-reading game, a perspective game to solve puzzles, a dating simulation that contradicts traditional love relationships, and a VR game where you can experience historical sites, just to name a few!" shares Professor Valenzuela.

Professor Valenzuela adds, "I'm grateful for the opportunity to lead and guide aspiring technologists. Despite my 16 years of teaching, I continue to be impressed! These projects exemplify what UAT strives for, innovating for the future."


The following were this semester’s SIP presentations:


Experience by Victoria Cogar

Project Description: Experience is a new style of film. It allows viewers to decide how they see the story. With every “Experience,” viewers choose a point-of-view (POV) to watch the movie from. They still see the while movie, but only from one character’s POV.

Degree Major: Digital Video

SIP URL:  https://www.victoriacogar.com/sip

experience - Victoria Cogar

Exploring Multispectral Videography by Halina Pravongviengkham

Project Description: This project will show how multispectral light can be used in visual mediums to create a new, fun, and unique filming style.  

Degree Major: Digital Video

SIP URL:  https://sites.google.com/view/digital-video-portfolio/home

 Halina Pravongviengkham

The Underground by Joe Parisia  

Project Description: The Underground is an app that will allow music lovers to find a new favorite local band or venue using machine learning.

Degree Major: Advancing Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence



The Minifig Bin by Zachary Driscoll

Project Description: The Minifig Bin is innovative because it creates a mobile application that allows avid LEGO fans/collectors to keep track of their collection of minifigures on a free and easy to use platform.

Degree Major: Game Programming 

SIP URL:  https://zack-driscoll-game-programmer.weebly.com/student-innovation-project.html


Kitchen to Pan by Joshua Button

Project Description: The ability to take all the items you already have in your kitchen and create meals from that list rather than searching through recipes. This app solves the question, "What should we have for dinner?" and takes the hassle out of figuring out what meals you can makes with what you already have.

Degree Major: Advancing Computer Science (Online)

Kitchen to Pan

DiabEducate by Gabriel Marulanda

Project Description: DiabEducate's purpose is to educate what to do during a diabetic emergency. It can also be used as a resource for learning more about diabetes.

Degree Major: Advancing Computer Science (Online)


Sage: Stock Dashboard by Aaron Sweet

Project Description: This is a data analysis app that is built using the dash framework in python. Helping new investors is the main focus of this app. The difference between this and other websites is the data will be shown visually instead of in paragraph form.

Degree Major: Advancing Computer Science (Online)

Sage Stock Dashboard

Browser Check by Zachary Brown

Project Description: Browser Check is a tool that helps the user's browsers become more private by giving users a guide on how to harden their browsers for privacy and security, as well as giving different use cases.

Degree Major: Network Security & Game Art & Animation

SIP URL:  https://zachabrown.weebly.com/sip.html

 Browser Check - Zachary Brown

The Facial Recognition Safe by Tate Gentry

Project Description: This is a facial recognition software that runs on a Raspberry Pi that will be connected to a camera that will unlock the safe upon pressing a button to start/stop scanning. Once a facial profile has been scanned, the safe will open.

Degree Major: Network Security

SIP URL:  https://tategentry10.wixsite.com/portfoliotate

Face-Rec -Tate Gentry

Simple ClamAV iOS Built-in Scanner by Mohanad Horani    

Project Description: A web app or API that would accept a file, and then scan it against another open-source antivirus product called ClamAV. I would then build an iOS app that allows the user to scan files by sending them to the website that I built and would return either the value 1 (Bad) or 0 (Good). I will also send the file over a POST request. This could then become a potential iOS app or at least a prototype of the actual app itself.

Degree Major: Network Security

SIP URL:  https://mohoranisip.weebly.com/


HubSpot Video

The Enigma Drive by Allan Wheelock

Project Description: This is a steganography project that involves utilizing Puppy Linux to not only protect data, but also keep it hidden unless you know how to access it with the hard drive.

Degree Major: Technology Forensics

SIP URL:  https://allanwheelock.weebly.com/sip.html

 Enigma Drive

Sage: The Cyber Vault by Tyler Higgins

Project Description: This is a solution to all of your complex password needs. This is a secure password manager that never requires you to provide a password using RSA key pairs to keep all of your passwords safe.

Degree Major: Network Security (Online)



SOP Onscreen Assistant by Kyle Kraft

Project Description: An SOP can be generated and given to new staff to learn on production equipment without the need of handholding from staff that is likely already at capacity. Businesses and other organizations can use this to help configure new equipment for deployment while simultaneously training staff on the new equipment.

Degree Major: Network Security (Online)



RanSec Ransomware Training by Mathew Quinn

Project Description: Ransomware training is to help companies and their employees understand ransomware before an attack happens. This will also force them to use creative thinking to think about how to respond to an attack scenarios, and how to prevent them.

Degree Major: Network Security (Online)


Ransomware Training

A Much-Needed Rest by Joy Ray

Project Description: A Much-Needed Rest will provide non-medical caregivers with medical assistance like checking blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen levels with the goal of reducing the stress of non-medical caregivers and provide relief. 

Degree Major: Network Security (Online)



Music in Me: MegaMelody by Samuel McKinley

Project Description: Music in Me: MegaMelody is an interactive ear-training and sight-reading game for use with elementary general music students in grades three through five. It represents a novel approach to elementary music education by combining the concepts of ear-training and sight-reading into an interactive and engaging game.

Degree Major: Game Programming

SIP URL:  https://sammckinley.weebly.com/sip.html

Me in Music - Samuel McKinley 

Map Switch-a-Roo by Richard Reed  

Project Description: Map Switch-a-Roo is a game mechanic that will record data when you're in a map, and when you leave to a new map section and come back, the map will be different.

Degree Major: Game Programming

SIP URL:  https://reedrich.weebly.com/sip.html

Map Switch-a-roo Rich Reed

Two Sides of the Same Coin by Greg Marshall

Project Description: A perspective game where two people work together to solve puzzles from two different opposing viewpoints.

Degree Major: Game Design

SIP URL:  https://gregdipper21.wixsite.com/gstax/project08

Two Sides of the Same Coin - Greg Marshall

Dominant Presence by Jake Fusco

Project Description: Dominant Presence creates a dynamic system that changes how local players interact with the game mechanics.

Degree Major: Business Technology, Game Programming & Game Design

SIP URL: https://www.hirejakefusco.com/single-project


Updatable Interior Mapping by Mark Montenieri 

Project Description: My SIP aims to make in-game cities and towns appear more alive by offering updatable images instead of static pictures on storefront windows and doorways. It also benefits densely packed player housing, such as an apartment building, by removing the actual housing to another part of the map and only showing recently updated images overlaid on windows and open doorways. Players would approach the doorways and enter the associated room or apartment via a portal method, which teleports them to the actual room, far away. This helps game performance by only rendering the room for players inside it and not to everyone who walks by. Anyone who’s played a multiplayer game and entered an extremely busy arena or town has experienced lag from the game having to render the space for every player simultaneously and my SIP aims to improve that aspect of multiplayer gaming.

Degree Major: Game Programming (Online)


Schism of Reality by Michael Henson

Project Description: The Schism of Reality app is a form of Augmented Reality that emulates the more replicable symptoms of Schizophrenia.

Degree Major: Game Programming (Online)

Schism of Reality

Accessible Audio Program by Caleb Reynolds  

Project Description: Accessible Audio Program (AAP) is a concept of an accessible and simple audio program that uses layer stacks and simple sliders for quick effects and prototyping.  

Degree Major: Game Art & Animation

SIP URL:  https://clreynolds104.wixsite.com/website/bio-3

 Accessible Audio Program - Caleb Reynolds

Realistic Waterfall & Magma Flow by Ethan Nelson

Project Description: This is a technique to model a waterfall and magma flow using Cloth simulation.

Degree Major: Game Art & Animation (Online)


Realistic Waterfall

Leave Me Alone: A Hate Story  by Eimy Choy

Project Description: A dating simulation where the main objective is to destroy any chances of a relationship forming and avoiding marriage at all cost.

Degree Major: Game Art & Animation

SIP URL:  https://eimyartstudent.weebly.com/sip.html


PastVR by Kevin Duran

Project Description: This project would give the user the chance to explore the interior of an historical building that is no longer around for people to see, for example the Grosses Schauspielhaus. This would be a game in Virtual Reality in order to give the user a better experience of being at a historical site.

Degree Major: Game Art & Animation

SIP URL:  https://devinkuran.wixsite.com/mysite/student-innovative-project


Fire Control Simulator by Garrett Mathes

Project Description: A game created with the intention of teaching players about fire safety.

Degree Major: Game Art & Animation

SIP URL: Fire Control Simulator


Spectrum by Adam Price

Project Description: Bringing two mediums that haven’t been explored enough into a fresh innovative game where stop motion puppets are playable in a fighting game.

Degree Major: Game Art & Animation  

SIP URL:  https://spartapus94.wixsite.com/website

Spectrum - Adam Price

The Madness Project by Emily Szymanski    

Project Description: The Madness Project allows you to witness your environment shift seamlessly according to your character’s mental state.  

Degree Major: Game Art & Animation

SIP URL:  https://emiaszymanski.wixsite.com/portfolio/innovation-project  

 The Madness Project - Emily Szymanski

Vocal Combat by Raul Montes

Project Description: This is a game where the player uses their microphone to input specific commands at certain volume levels to drive combat dynamics.

Degree Major: Game Art & Animation, Game Design

Voice Combat

Dimensions by Gloria Castillo

Project Description: Dimensions is a two player puzzle game where both players have to work together to advance through the levels. Both players don't have to be online at the same time to play.

Degree Major: Game Design (Online)


Inboard Energy Manager by Kenneth Carr

Project Description: The Inboard Energy Manager leverages modern hybrid technology to make old boats reliable for longer.

Degree Major: Robotics & Embedded Systems (Online)

Inboard Energy Manager

Robocart by Alfred Lay

Project Description: Robocart is to help solve the problem of carrying heavy groceries, especially for those with an injury or disability. This cart can follow you around and carry your groceries for you.

Degree Major: Robotics & Embedded Systems (Online)


Home Inventory Manager by Raymond Clarke

Project Description: The Home Inventory Manager is about tracking inventory in your home. It will have multiple mobile devices that can be installed anywhere throughout your house keeping track of what's in your pantry or refrigerator, etc.

Degree Major: Robotics & Embedded Systems (Online)

Home Inventory Manager

UAT professors choose six winners from the presentations. Categories include Best SIP Pitch (Spectrum by Adam Price 🏆), Most Market Viable (RanSec Ransomware Training by Mathew Quinn 🏆), Viewer’s Choice (The Underground by Joe Parisia 🏆), World Changer (Facial Recognition Gun Safe by Tate Gentry 🏆), Ingenuity Prize (Exploring Multispectral Videography by Halina Pravongveingkham 🏆), and Best in Show (Updateable Interior Mapping by Mark Montenieri 🏆).

Congratulations to the winners and all of the students who can now claim their own exciting innovations in the tech world!


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