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Always interested in technology, Daniel “Kody” Mitchell grew up watching his father play World of Warcraft and StarCraft. He quickly fell for these games and soon after, developed a love for programming while taking computer science classes in high school.

Kody came to UAT for the nerd and geek vibes. Since attending, he loves the family community aspect, the collaborative teamwork-focused environment, the combination of hard work and having fun and how the University truly prepares students for the real world. Kody feels that he has already learned so much about the industry and has gained the basic skills he will need to thrive.

Studying Artificial Intelligence and Network Security at UAT, Kody chose these degrees because he’s always been fascinated with artificial intelligence and knew that the world needs more cyber security professionals. So, he thought why not combine the two for a unique education and skillset! 

Kody is a Student Ambassador for UAT and was involved in Nerf Warz! In his free time, Kody has been working on a project to create a calendar-budget program in Python that allows the user to see things at a glance, or hover over days for more details. The basis of the idea consists of the user inputting transactions they make on any given day (expense or income), and based on any recurring fees or payments, the program will show what day the user might run out of money (if there is one).

After taking a couple of classes taught by Mason Galatas, Kody was inspired by his expertise in his field and hopes to one day know as much as him, be as helpful and have as much fun!

Kody’s hobbies include 3D printing, programming, playing video games, singing in the car and watching movies. Once Kody gets out in the real world, he can't wait to put the skills he’s learned from UAT to the test and make a positive difference!

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