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How do you earn tech respect? It's simple... you create new tech!

For University of Advancing Technology (UAT) students, creating is not just a good idea, it's part of their curriculum and a requirement for graduation. Called a Student Innovation Project, SIP projects are essentially like a state university’s equivalent of a thesis. Every major requires that a student develop their own innovation, and by the end of their degree program, that project is the main focus of their portfolio. 

The Summer 2021 SIP Showcase was led by Dapzury Valenzuela, UAT's Art Direction Professor. "Our students continue to excel at conceptualizing ideas and bringing to life Minimal Viable Prototypes that provide fun, educational, and practical solutions to real-world problems," said Professor Valenzuela. "I'm so proud to help facilitate my students journey as their Lead SIP Instructor, along with our faculty who serve as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) within their respective majors."

Watch the full SIP Showcase!

The following are all of the projects presented, with links to their individual briefs. 

Juanita Madriz 

Project Title: Real Estate Social 

Project Description: Real Estate Social is an app that focuses on creating content for realtors to market properties, from beginners to creative agents. This project aims to assist anyone in the Real Estate business to design content using templates and graphic elements that help to promote and sell rentals and homes. 

Degree Major: Digital Marketing & Advertising Art

SIP URL: http://www.juanitamadriz.com/sip-project.html 


Samantha Hernandez 

Project Title: Oversimplified SpaceX 

Project Description: Oversimplified Space X is an innovation video that uses understandable vocabulary to describe the Space X missions to regular individuals, as well as children, through an addition of a Nearpod quiz that checks their understanding of the material. 

Degree Major: Business Technology & Network Security

SIP URL: https://sammyhdz.weebly.com/sip.html 


Kenna Draxton 

Additional Members: Christopher Walters, Tyler Denton and Brittney Tollison 

Project Title: Programme Facile 

Project Description: Programme Facile is a web-based platform that facilitates the scheduling of Ballet Arizona members.

SIP URL: https://dranun.wixsite.com/portfolio/sip 


Samantha Jaros 

Additional Member: Dawson Greeley 

Project Title: Iris

Project Description: Iris is a marketing ploy for businesses to use with smart home devices in an AI format. Iris takes a user's location and keywords to create a product placement that's developed for the user. Iris gives the user an option to not have a product placement as well. This helps a user from feeling overwhelmed with ads. 

Degree Major: Digital Marketing

SIP URL: https://samjaros.wixsite.com/samanthajaros/iris 


Zinedin Bautista 

Project Title: BuddyBot 

Project Description: BuddyBot is a therapy chatbot that will check on the user's mental health. 

The overall innovation of the project is to create an adaptive, flexible, multipurpose therapy mobile application. The mobile application will also motivate the user to participate in mental health exercises and to seek professional help. 

Degree Major: Advancing Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence

SIP URL: https://zingithub.github.io/Portfolio-Finale/ 


Christopher Walters 

Additional Members: Kenna Draxton, Tyler Denton and Brittney Tollison 

Project Title: Programme Facile 

Project Description: The Programme Facile team project focuses on creating a simple scheduling system for Ballet Arizona. This project aims at creating a better, more advanced system tailored to exact needs, that can be easily scaled to work with similar companies nationwide. My innovative contribution is a multi-language, web-accessibility feature with safety reminders. 

Degree Major: Advancing Computer Science

SIP URL: https://www.christophermpwalters.com/objective/sip 


Katherine Lennon 

Project Title: Apollo Desk 

Project Description: Apollo Desk is a computerized touchscreen desk with a light display and integrated, easy-to-use applications. 

Degree Major: Advancing Computer Science

SIP URL: https://sites.google.com/view/apollodesk/home 


Sandibell Vega 

Project Title: DEAR SIBLING Chatbot 

Project Description: DEAR SIBLING Chatbot is a bilingual application where children ages 6-12 can chat and interact with a chatbot sibling on an emotional level, allowing them to express themselves in a safe environment. 

Degree Major: Robotics and Embedded Systems & Artificial Intelligence

SIP URL: https://sandibellvega.weebly.com/sip-project.html 


Darren Javes 

Project Title: Kid’s Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser 

Project Description:  This is a design to assist children who are learning to brush their teeth. It is an automatic toothpaste dispenser that will accept most common toothpaste tubes and dispense the proper amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush when it is put in the dispenser. 

Degree Major: Digital Maker & Fabrication

SIP URL: https://djaves3.wixsite.com/siproject


Tre Payne 

Project Title: Multipurpose Tripod 

Project Description: This project is innovative because it takes a normal camera tripod to a full film/picture set. It will enhance use for better shots as well as save space. 

Degree Major: Digital Video

SIP URL: https://paynetre98.wixsite.com/trepayneportfolio/sip 


Matt Graham and Joseph Arnoldo 

Additional Members: Micah Turpin and Charles Skinner 

Project Title: Next-Gen Enforcement 

Project Description: This project innovates the traditional handcuff and integrates NFC locking and, in the future, a pulse reader and monitoring system. 

Degree Major: Network Security 

SIP URL: https://www.nextgenenforcement.com/ 


Jared Broyhill 

Project Title: Atlas System Hardener 

Project Description: PowerShell-based, Windows 10 System Hardening Tool with a focus on accessibility. 

Degree Major: Network Security & Artificial Intelligence

SIP URL: https://jbportfolio1234.weebly.com/sip.html 


Marcos Xochihua 

Project Title: Educational PowerShell Assistance (E.P.A.) 

Project Description: E.P.A. is designed to help teach Network Admins with PowerShell Automation scripts and start off their script collection. 

Degree Major: Network Security

SIP URL: https://sway.office.com/cQaJrGKEAIbElQkS?ref=Link 


Codie Mitchell 

Project Title: Little.Security.net 

Project Description: This project is focused on baby IoT device safety by providing a “one-stop” information hub for parents looking for technical safety advice for their baby’s IoT devices, as well as ways to secure their network while these devices are on them. 

Degree Major: Network Security

SIP URL: https://www.codietower.net/ 


Paul Gerke 

Project Title: Eyes on the Network 

Project Description: This project will introduce the first set of target information to capture and present it. The target information is new devices on the network. This can be useful to home and SOHO applications but will be particularly useful in private networks like industrial and closed areas. The device will capture broadcast traffic and compare the source address with a known list of addresses. If an address is not on the list, a notification will be generated, and data captured on the new device. The final goal of this project is to enable users to take predefined data points and use them to build automated tasks. With this, someone could automate an approval process for adding new devices to a white list, or simply generate a device inventory. 

Degree Major: Network Security

SIP URL: https://www.paulgurke.com/ 


Marissa Williams 

Additional Member: Elijah Nutter 

Project Title: Draw: The Game 

Project Description: DRAW: The Game is a new mechanic that allows the player to draw a 2D mesh that is converted to a 3D object, have the object drop into the scene, and then lets the player pick up that object and use it to interact with the scene. 

Degree Major: Game Art & Animation

SIP URL: https://mariiwill18.wixsite.com/mysite-1/objectives 


Ross Hall 

Project Title: Candy Menu 

Project Description: A debug menu that can be used by any game written in C#, regardless of game engine or framework. 

Degree Major: Game Programming

SIP URL: https://roshall.wixsite.com/candy-menu 


Daniel Silva

Project Title: Art of Reading

Project Description: Art of Reading is a fun and interactive platform that will compel children to learn how to read and improve on spelling. Using Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, Art of Reading will analyze words or physical objects, through computer vision, and then present interactive learning puzzles, based on those objects, back to the user. 

Degree Major: Game Programming

SIP URL: https://dtsprogramming.com/sip-brief 


Malik Shaw 

Project Title: Feeling Empathetic 

Project Description: This project is to form a method or guideline which people can use to get their players to express empathy without forty hours of gameplay and story build-up. 

Degree Major: Game Design

SIP URL: https://maliks9885.wixsite.com/mysite 


Rhiannon Holloway 

Project Title: Ballista Frenzy Game Mechanic 

Project Description: Ballista Frenzy seeks to demo the idea that travel mechanics can be linked to other mechanics in order to create more interesting gameplay. It also seeks to aid the development of cartoony physics in games. 

Degree Major: Game Design

SIP URL: https://rhiannonholloway.wixsite.com/sipballista 


And now—insert drumroll in your brain here—the SIP Winners for this semester are...

Best SIP Pitch 🏆

Real Estate Social by Juanita Madriz

real estate social project

Most Market Viable 🏆

Dear Sibling Chatbot by Sandibell Vega

dear sibling chatbot

Viewers' Choice 🏆

Art of Reading by Daniel Silva

art of reading

World Changer 🏆

Atlas System Hardener by Jared Broyhill

atlas system hardener

Ingenuity Prize 🏆

Draw the Game by Marissa Williams

draw the game

Best in Show 🏆

Programme Facile by Kenna Draxton and Christopher Walters

programme facile


Congratulations to all of the participating students. Keep up the excellent work, and most importantly, don't stop creating!


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