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Dont be elfish, take a look at this list of tech-tastic gifts for inspiration on what to get your favorite techie this holiday season, put together by UAT President Jason Pistillo. From an Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice transcription device to a kids Robot, there's something on this list for everyone to enjoy.

#12. Infinity Mask

Need a mask for your Grinch face? Check out this LED Face Mask from Infinity Mask. This mask's bright colors, comfortable design and user friendly experience will allow you to mask up not just for Christmas but for any event or holiday you desire.


#11. Makeblock Robot Kit

Looking for a tree-mendous gift for a kid ages 8+? Makeblock has released an mBot Robot Kit where kids can learn to build and code a robot. This fun and educational toy gets kids thinking about technology early and gives them hands on experience that keeps them interested. This robot comes with instructions and coding challenge cards that will teach them basic fundamentals through games with their new robot. Don't miss this exciting and educational activity or yule be sorry.


#10. Leica SOFORT 2

Let's take an elfie, using Leica's SOFORT 2 Hybrid Instant camera. With this camera you can easily share your images to social media, print them from your smartphone or simply share them with other Leica cameras. The SOFORT 2 offers 10 film and lens styles so you can personalize your photos and let your creative juices flow while capturing precious moments and memories that will last forever.


#9. Lumen5 Online Video Creator

The Lumen5 Online video creator makes it so everyone can sleigh online. This subscription based program has so many features and integrates a flurry of technologies, including AI, allowing you to turn blogs into videos and create talking head videos. This gift is perfect for your online, content loving friend or relative.

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#8. Mini Glow PRO

Snow way!  Do you have a beauty lover in your life? This Mini Glow PRO by LuminaNRG is just the gift this year. An eye, face and neck Red Light therapy technology tool backed by science that helps reduce puffiness, improve circulation and gives you clearer and firmer skin. There's no time like the present to give the gift of self care.


#7. Klaris Clear Ice Maker

A sight for sore ice, Klaris has developed The Clear Ice Maker, a craft ice making small appliance that produces four, 2x2 inch ice cubes in a fraction of the time it takes to freeze those silicone molds. The perfect gift for the host or hostess in your life, the Klaris Clear Ice Maker is sure to spruce up any holiday party, even if tree's a crowd. 



#6. Moxie Learning Robot

Moxie has sleighed the competition with this toy. For children ages 5-10 the Moxie Conversational Learning Robot is AI powered and aids in increasing their social confidence and improving social interaction. This robot has moving arms, and an emotion-responsive camera. Moxie can give kids the experience of talking to a real friend without leaving the comfort of your living room. 


#5. PLAUD AI Transcription Playground

A round of Santa-plause for PLAUD AI, an AI voice recorder powered by ChatGPT. Not only does PLAUD AI record, it allows you to record, upload and then transcribes for you, making I the ultimate note taking tool. Whether you're in a lecture or a meeting, this device allows for 30 hours of recording and makes note taking much more efficient. Never sleigh "Can you repeat that?" again with this tool. 


#4. Beautifect Box

The tree isn't the only thing lit this year, the Beautifect Box brings advanced lighting technology into your home. Not only does the box replicate day and evening light allowing you to perfectly apply makeup anytime of the day but it also becomes a great makeup storage system. With five lighting systems, a true definition mirror and a magic hinge you can take this cordless and rechargeable smart makeup box with you anywhere. 


#3. Dyson Zone Headphones

Dyson is trying to branch out from vacuums with this gift. Dyson Zone noise cancelling headphones are engineered for realistic, full audio spectrum with a custom built 40mm, 16-ohm neodymium speaker. With bluetooth connectivity, touch and voice control and up to 50 hours of auto run time, you'll get a true audio experience with these headphones.


#2. Bambu Lab 3D Printer

Deer to dream with this 3D Printer from Bambu Lab. This printer can turn your dreams into a reality in the comfort of your own home. It has multicolor and multi material capabilities, dual auto bed leveling, high quality printing and a high speed CoreXY. Treat yo' elf with this one!  


#1. Vividstorm ALR Motorized Floor Rising Screen

Techin' around the Christmas Tree this Vividstom Rising Screen ranging in sizes from 92" to 120" gives you the big screen experience without mounting an extra large TV. Not only does this screen support 3D projection but is motorized, raises in 20-30 seconds, and is made with ambient light rejection material. 



After reading this list we hope you're filled with Tech-mas Cheer. If you want to learn more about a top tier technology degree, learn more at www.uat.edu. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at UAT.



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