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The Beginning Beginners Guide to Linux

What is Linux?

Linux is an operating system for cars, phones, supercomputers, and home desktops. You can use Linux and probably have used it on any number of devices since the mid 90's. Most of the internet functions because of Linux and all the world's top supercomputers are running Linux as well. It is the secret sauce that makes the world of business and science go round.

The operating system itself is composed of numerous pieces that work in harmony to produce what you see or deal with daily. You will find a bootloader, kernel, init system, daemons, graphical server, desktop environments, and applications when working with Linux and each of these items can be dictated to you or be a deciding factor in choosing your installation method. Hate SystemD but really love a specific desktop environment? You may need to use something like Devuan Linux. Just looking to get your toes into the Linux waters. You can start with Ubuntu or Manjaro.

You can choose which Linux distribution to start with by self-measuring your skills. Are you a computer novice? You may want to explore Ubuntu. Feeling more confident in your skills? Try Manjaro. Are you a super powered user? Install Gentoo! No matter which distribution you choose, you will find yourself growing and learning and that is the most important aspect of choosing Linux.

Let us know which copy of Linux you chose! We would love to hear from you.


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