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The Lifetime Impact Award: Recognizing UAT's Top Advocates


University of Advancing Technology (UAT) is elated to announce the establishment and inaugural awarding of our Lifetime Impact Award at the 2024 Commencement ceremony.

The Lifetime Impact Award is a prestigious recognition bestowed by the University of Advancing Technology (UAT) each year at Commencement. This award honors our absolute best friends in the world...individuals who have made substantial, long term, contributions to UAT's community, growth, and reputation.

Why did we create this award?

Every year, UAT confers two or three honorary doctorate degrees to individuals who have contributed significantly to their particular technology field, or to our local community broadly. As UAT's Provost, Dr. David Bolman describes it, "Honorary Doctorate degrees are heavily focused in academia and community impact; it's about what you've contributed to your field. The Lifetime Impact Award is about what you've contributed to UAT." We needed a way to honor those who have spent so much of their lives honoring us.

Why the hand?





Lifetime Impact Award CompBeing the University of Advancing Technology, it is critical to our brand that we ensure there are references to and elements of technology in everything we do.

The Lifetime Impact Award has nothing to do with technology. The recipients are not being recognized for their contributions to any tech industry, and we are not thanking them for changing the world and contributing to the greater good, it's us thanking our best friends for being loyal advocates and supporters.

So we brought the tech out in the design of the award - thus the robot hand. It's holding a "rock on" gesture to symbolize appreciation, gratitude, and approval.

It's our way of saying, the feelings the recipient gives us are the same feelings you feel when favorite band plays your favorite song...if you were a robot.





So, who won?

Raymond Todd Blackwood, Vice President of Product Management at Anthology is the first recipient of the Lifetime Impact Award. "Ray has spent the last 30 years with a constant helpful tether to UAT," says Dr. Bolman. "Ray was first a student at UAT. After graduating, he became an employee in our IT department and when we moved to our current campus in Tempe, he was really involved in getting our network set up. Eventually he promoted into a leadership role and played a big part in elevating our IT department. He helped us take our first steps into our data automation, which at the time was a big deal to UAT while we were trying to get to the next level as a university."

In conclusion, University of Advancing Technology (UAT) is proud to celebrate the inception of the Lifetime Impact Award. This award signifies our deep appreciation for the unwavering support and contributions of our longtime best friends, like Raymond Todd Blackwood, whose journey with UAT spans from student to influential leader. As we move forward, this award will continue to honor those whose loyalty and dedication have helped shape UAT into the innovative and dynamic community it is today.