Pictured front row: Blanca Vasquez, Antonio Newman, El Rois. Middle: Michael Durst, Jorge Martinez, Aramis Wero. Back: Donovan Potter


The Provost Challenge is a University of Advancing Technology (UAT) tradition. The next generation of technology innovation begins the day students set foot on campus at the UAT.


"When you're a new student, most, if not all of you, have ideas of something you've always wanted to build and UAT is your sandbox to build it,” explains Dr. David Bolman, Provost and Chief Academic Officer at UAT, “What's really fun about this challenge is that it is very open-ended. You can build anything you like."


We offer a technophile’s dream environment where innovation and passion for advancing technology are synthesized with the best faculty and technology resources.


With the widespread popularity of the space Western, The Mandalorian, a Star Wars galaxy-based show, it’s no surprise that the combination of Baby Yoda and the Provost Challenge inspired these students to create. The students quickly teamed up and got to work to create a game within the first 12 days of the semester. By incorporating Mando'a, the Mandalorian language, they created a sound-based experience that reflects the feel of what life as a Mandalorian should be.


UAT offers a unique learning environment centered around advancing technology and taking technology education and innovation to the next level with synchronic™ learning. Only at UAT will you find such an extraordinary focus on advancing technology curriculum with the resources to empower student innovation centered on advancing technology degree programs. The mentor relationships between our students and faculty prepares the students for a successful college career and to overcome challenges after graduation.


Discover the wide variety of technology innovation from our brilliant students. Dig into our advancing technology degree programs by meeting the passionate and expert faculty and staff, or by checking out our degree program blogs and awesome alumni.


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