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UAT Finalist for 2019 Tempe Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce revealed the finalists for the 2019 Business Excellence Awards and UAT was nominated. The awards honor one small business and one large business that serves as a positive role model to others and is active in the Tempe community. Each finalist has a strong business mission and an impressive history of giving back.
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A highlight of the event is the video program and presentation of the 2019 Business Excellence Awards. The awards recognize responsible business leadership and honor those that demonstrate a passion for excellence. Through the awards, the Tempe Chamber identifies companies whose practices in business growth, employee development, community involvement, and customer service exemplify excellence.

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UAT is honored to be nominated and recognized for our dedication to the Tempe community, our students and our employees. To learn more about the nomination, visit: Tempe Chamber of Commerce


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