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UAT Joins AZ TechCast for a Look Back and Forward


Dr. David Bolman, UAT’s Provost, was recently a guest on Business RadioX’s AZ TechCast. Hosted by Steve Zylstra, President and CEO of the Arizona Technology Council, and

Karen Nowicki, Owner & President of Phoenix Business RadioX, AZ TechCast covers innovation and technology in Arizona.

Dr. Bolman joined the panel for a discussion of How 2020 Changed the World and Optimism for the Future. In this segment, panel members discussed how to rebuild after 2020, including their opinions of the technology to get us there, as well as innovative companies that helped Arizona endure.

According to the Arizona Technology Council:

“When the world celebrated the dawn of a new decade with a blaze of fireworks, parties and revelry on January 1, 2020, few could have imagined what the year had in store. It was a year that changed the world like no other for at least a generation, possibly since World War II. Businesses folded. Schools and colleges shut. Live sport was cancelled around the globe. Commercial airline travel contracted. Shops, clubs, bars and restaurants closed. Social inequities were exposed. Work and education all went remote. And human interaction went virtual.”

Watch the AZ TechCast and hear about the positive things coming in 2021!


(Or view on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbKtnhgcyH4.)

Read more about the latest tech and innovation in UAT's blog, www.uattech.com



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