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UAT Ranked Among the Top 10 Best Video Game Design Colleges Online.

Since its debut in 1995, the University of Advancing Technology consistently has been named one of the top game design programs in the world. UAT offers four degree options in the game design and production field. All can be completed either online or on campus.

The Online Bachelor of Arts in Game Art and Animation program helps students develop skills needed to create 3D art assets for various video game platforms. Students also learn to incorporate artistic principles used in 3D video games art asset creation, including lighting, color theory, shading, anatomy, perspective, and 3D mesh topology, among others.

The Online Bachelor of Arts in Game Design degree program allows students to build and create complete game design projects with faculty and fellow students. The program encourages collaboration with students and faculty across all gaming degree majors.

The Online Bachelor of Science in Game Programming degree provides students with a broad coder skill set and expertise in many platforms and languages. Students also hone their skills in game play interaction, game engine architecture, artificial intelligence, and networking.

The innovative Online Master of Science in Game Production and Management program consists of four modules. Students complete modules in Game Development and Game Production and then can choose from 10 others – such as Cyber Organization, Technology Leadership, App Development, Digital Maker – to tailor their M.S. in Game Production and Management to their interests and goals.

The Video Game industry is so popular and profitable that, in dollar terms, it rivals the movie industry and may possibly be the largest entertainment industry in the world.

According to Statista, computer and console video game revenue was more than $18.5 billion dollars in the US in 2017. Video game consumers spent $43.4 billion on video games in the US. in 2018.

With such high sales and global popularity with console games, mobile games, and online games, now is the time to choose your online Game Studies degree at UAT.

Ranking factors include academic reputation, online access to resources (learning labs, professors and staff, etc.), variety of courses, and relevance to the commercial video game industry.



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