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UAT Student Work Feature: The Sun Always Sets

            The sun’s rays beat down on my skin. They were warm and comforting, however, I knew it was only a few hours until it set. I hated it when it became night. It was when the monsters came out. Opening my eyes, I saw the sun begin to set. It was dinner time soon, so I decided to go back inside early to help Mother set the table.

The smell of beef stew filled the kitchen. I love Mother’s cooking, and I can’t wait to be just like her. When she saw me enter, she smiled and handed me the dinner cloth, plates, and cutlery to set the table. I’ve done this countless times; it only took me a few minutes to get the job done.

“Amaryllis, could you be a dear and call your brothers?” Mother asked.

I nodded and headed back outside. It shouldn’t be hard to find those two. They were always together, and they were always loud. After walking a few feet into the backyard, I could hear their yelling clear as day. I walked closer to them so they could hear me clearly.

“Taylor! Tyler! Dinner is ready!” I yelled.

The twins looked up at me briefly to let me know they had heard; Taylor gave me a thumbs-up while Tyler just rolled his eyes at me. They hardly listened, but since Father would be home soon, I knew they wouldn’t make too much of a fuss. As soon as I knew they heard me I headed back inside. I helped Mother portion out the stew, vegetables, and drinks while the twins came in to wash their hands and clean their faces. The four of us then sat down at the table. We couldn’t eat until Father came home and took the first bite. I stared at the clock. Father came home at six o’clock every day, on the dot, without fail. The second the small hand reached six the front door opened.

“I’m home everyone!” Dad yelled.

We waited patiently until he had set his briefcase down, opened a beer, and sat down. He smiled and then we joined hands to pray. Father blessed the food, took his first bite, and started drinking; the rest of us took that as our cue to begin eating. There wasn’t much talking besides Father asking the twins how school was going and asking Mother if I helped her with chores. Mother briefly praised me, and then the twins took the conversation over, telling stories about their school achievements. I sat there silently, listening to their stories and watching the clock tick. At eight, I was sent to bed, I hated nighttime. Like clockwork, the monsters came out at nine; they were yelling and throwing things. I hid under my blanket, terrified. The worst part was they sounded exactly like Mother and Father, but I knew it couldn’t be them. Our family was perfect! I fell asleep, crying, eager to see my loving family in the morning.