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UAT Students Got Sweet Revenge at the Pie Your Professor Event

Take a look back at UAT’s 'Pie Your Professor' event through this gallery of candid shots! From the aftermath of fruity explosions to the messy remnants of custard collisions, these images capture the playful chaos and sweet satisfaction of the pie-throwing festivities that took place on our Tempe campus near the end of this past spring semester. What fun it was to witness the camaraderie and mischief shared among participants! And what better way to avenge some mid-semester stress than by turning your professors into willing targets of whipped cream and pie crust?

Among the faculty who received their “just desserts” were Ashley Fuentes (Assistant Director of Student Services), Brandi Beals (Dean of Students and Academic Operations), Jacob Hreshchyshyn (Game Professor), and Derric Clark (Game Studies Regent).


Want to learn more about our faculty—aka the “crème de la crème” of UAT? Check out faculty and staff bios and get inspired by the mentorship and guidance offered here! Plus, they’re all very good sports, as evidenced above.


A key part of a fun pie-throwing event is the be well-equipped with the right types of pies. Ultimately, the best pies for throwing are those with a soft and creamy consistency that will create a messy impact without causing harm.

Whipped Cream Pies
The go-to choice on our campus, pies topped with whipped cream are a classic standby for pie throwing. The soft texture of the whipped cream makes them ideal for creating a messy impact without causing injury!

Cream Pies
Pies filled with creamy custard or pudding also work well for pie throwing. They have a soft and gooey texture that sticks to the target upon impact.

Fruit Pies
Fruit pies with a soft filling, such as apple or cherry pie, can be used for pie throwing, although they may not stick to the target as effectively as whipped cream or cream pies.

Banana Cream Pie
Pies filled with banana-flavored custard or pudding can be a fun choice for pie throwing, especially if you're looking for a slightly different flavor while still keeping the texture soft and safe.


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