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UAT: Teaching Students How to Earn Tech Respect Since 1983

Provost, Dr. Dave Bolman on Earning Tech Respect at UAT

Founded in 1983, University of Advancing Technology (UAT) has been exclusively teaching students how to innovate with technology since the dawn of computer and internet age. Provost, Dr. Dave Bolman has been at the University (UAT) since the beginning. Bolman wrote the first curriculum and taught the first classes when UAT first started, and he is coming up on 30 years of service to the college that teaches students how to earn tech respect. 

"I'm Dr. Dave Bowman Provost of the University of Advancing Technology. I've been at UAT basically forever. I'm coming up on 30 years at UAT. I returned to ASU to start grad school and met the founder (Dominic Pistillo) and he said I have this really great idea. I want to start a school on this new thing, on computers. And, so I came on board to write the first curriculum, teach the first classes.

Since the very beginning at the computer era, we have been focused on how you create college graduates who think about technology, create technology and adapt to technology. And, because we're small, we've been nimble throughout all of it. And so as the technology shifted, we moved with it and we've become this model for the conversation that other schools really have been able to keep up with. I mean fundamentally, we do this better than anybody.

We've created the best of a small private college you know a kind of place where you know you professor you know your staff they know you and they know how to tailor what you need to pull you through to that next level. For us, great learning looks like spending time with peers and teachers, and growing your brain by teaching yourself how to think in the most engaging way possible.

"Nowhere else are you going to spend 24/7 immersed in technology with your peers building it."

Our space is a 24/7 environment and all the spaces are open. The reason why we do that is to create innovation and to foster it. We've got spaces where we have business technology students, we've got design students, we've got programming students and we've got cyber security students all sitting next to each other. Nowhere else are you going to spend 24/7 immersed in technology with your peers building it. That's what you do the entire time you're here. Those two things are all aimed at a very project-focused curriculum towards innovation.

As technology changes, it's really about innovation and creativity. It's one of the greatest things about us and why it's so much fun. And, you bring those together as a graduate and you are somebody who knows technology firsthand. You're smart and you can create with it and you can take it to market. When you go into your first job and when you leave here, you are someone who has tech respect." - Dr. Dave Bolman. 

Watch UAT Provost, Dr. David Bolman's full staff session video here: 


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