The University of Advancing Technology is honored to be one of 8 local businesses recognized by the Greater Phoenix Chamber for its contributions to the Greater Phoenix business community as a 2019 IMPACT Awards winner in the Economic Driver category.


Since 1987, the Greater Phoenix Chamber IMPACT Awards has honored two businesses—one with fewer than 250 employees and one with more than 250 employees—in four categories: Community Champion, Exceptional Innovator, Arizona Advocate and Economic Driver.


As the Economic Driver winner, UAT was recognized for "substantially contributing to the vitality of the Greater Phoenix community by creating new jobs and opportunities, advancing a new industry or revitalizing a business sector or neighborhood."


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UAT is undoubtedly committed to building the Arizona technology workforce. "UAT brings more than 70 of its students from out of state, transforming them into world-class technologists and then linking them to Arizona business," UAT Provost Dr. Dave Bolman said. Since the University was founded in Arizona and only has one location on the Tempe-Phoenix border, we are able to respond in real time to the needs of the Arizona technology community.


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The creation of Perimeter83, an on-campus coworking space and workforce accelerator, exemplifies the University's efforts to grow and retain local talent. "Since its launch in 2018, Perimeter83 has supported the launch, training and services needs of Arizona technology startups. "The result is increasing the talent pool for technology locally along with supporting the Arizona economy through a unique platform for innovation that blurs the lines of higher education and locally grown tech startups," Dr. Bolman said.


Most people don't realize that UAT has more coders under our roof than almost anywhere else in Arizona. As a small, private college that focuses solely on advancing and emerging technology disciplines, UAT generates top-notch tech talent that comes from out of state and disproportionality stays local to fill the workforce talent gap in STEM areas.


Furthermore, our innovative grads advance emerging technologies in spaces such as cybersecurity, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, IoT, smart cities, wearable technology, space tech and blockchain at the local level. And we do it faster than anyone else. Students can graduate at normal UAT pace with their bachelor's degree in 2.66 years.


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We welcome all Arizona technology community members, entrepreneurs, small business owners, potential students or curious folks to visit us in Tempe. Learn more about our technology-infused campus or schedule a tour here.

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