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What is a Password Manager?

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A password manager is a tool that is designed to manage many passwords in a secure and easy to access manner. Using a single password for all your accounts increases the likelihood that you will be breached over many accounts by a large percentage. It is important that you use a strong password that is not easily guessed on each account, and this is best facilitated not by trying to remember your passwords but instead by deploying the technology necessary to make this a trivial exercise.

Google Online Security Survey found that 52 percent of all the individuals who responded to them reused the same password for more than one account. That means, if you provide this password to a company that is breached, you can now expect that password to be included in brute force lists and eventually to be used to break into your accounts. Reducing the likelihood that a compromised, weak, or reused password will be used against you starts with the use of a password manager.

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You have many choices when it comes to password managers. You can deploy something self-hosted or use a password manager provided by a company. While we do not recommend any password manager, we will mention that SAASPASS, an application available over several devices provides the ability to store passwords as well as manage One Time Password tokens, tremendously reducing complexity. Finding something that meets your needs, is easy to use, and secure can be difficult but the features provided by any password manager are typically parallel and only the service and support of the company as well as price will typically differ.

By using a password manager, you will no longer need to memorize all your passwords. You can automatically generate a secure password using built in tools. You can also leave your master password in your personal documentation in the event of your death to facilitate your digital inheritance. All these benefits make your life easier, more secure, and safer.

Even if you do use a password manager, do not forget to use a complex and original password per account, enable two factor authentication, and think about how you will recover accounts in the event you lose a device. Your security begins with practicing best practices related to cyber security.



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