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What to Know Before Earning a Computer Science Degree

Considering a Computer Science Degree? 

Are you excited by the thought of being able to create an app, learn the intricacies of your favorite social media algorithms, or write code and develop software? These are just a handful of the incredible opportunities a University of Advancing Technology (UAT) Bachelor of Science in Advancing Computer Science can award you. 

There's a reason Advancing Computer Science and Software Engineering are two of the most popular degrees of interest for incoming undergraduate and graduate students. The University's (UAT) family of Software Engineering degrees gives students valuable software development, design, and programming skills that can set them up for the potential of a lucrative career in comparison to other fields and especially non-technical disciplines.

The Advancing Computer Science degree, for example, covers a myriad of essential information to prepare students for whatever computer science career they choose. The program prides itself in its wealth of computer science information and experience, as well as its ability to transfer skills from the computer to the real world. A bachelor’s in Advancing Computer Science or a master's in Software Engineering also looks stellar on a resume. It demonstrates to employers that you are well-versed and capable in many increasingly popular technological areas.


UAT Student, Tyler Prettyman working on a programming project in UAT's Security Operations Center. 

Is a Computer Science Degree Right For You? 

A Bachelor of Science in Advancing Computer Science should appeal to students with an interest in fields of science, technology, engineering, and math; together a term better known as STEM fields. That is because the program envelopes all of these skills into one degree to prepare a student for a wide variety of careers across all industries and verticals.  

Because the program is so comprehensive, it can be a challenging endeavor for several people. However, it is extremely worthwhile for the same reason. An Advancing Computer Science degree opens students up to several career opportunities to give them flexibility and freedom when it comes time to enter their preferred workforce. It is a difficult degree that requires a passion for math, problem-solving, and computer science as a whole. If that sounds like you, this program may be a perfect fit! It may also interest individuals looking to further their software development skills and receive an understanding of multiple different frameworks and platforms.

Also, computer science is for everyone, regardless of gender or ethnicity. However, it has become known to be a white, male-dominated industry. This may sound discouraging, but it is actually why more minorities should feel encouraged to step into this program and why UAT emphasizes diversity within its culture and education. Not only is it essential to break up this discriminatory trend, but to provide unique experiences, perspectives and diversity of thought that have been historically lacking in less-diverse corporations.

According to Dr. Jill Coddington, a UAT Advancing Computer Science Professor and real-world Rocket Scientist, this program is a good fit for anybody with a passion for the subject matter. 

“You spend more time in your life at your job than anything else other than sleeping,” she said. “That’s why you’ve got to love tech so you can enjoy your job.  Notice I mentioned passion, not skills. UAT can teach you the skills. You just need to know that this is what you enjoy.”

UATs (1)

UAT Professor, Dr. Jill Coddington teaches Data Science, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Robotics and leads the UAT Space Club and courses. 

What Does Earning a Computer Science Degree Look Like?

"Once you have one skill, you can build upon it and make something even more amazing." - Dr. Jill Coddington. 

As you're researching, you'll find that requirements and courses differentiate among colleges and universities throughout the US, and may not be as adaptable as quickly as the industry demands. Meanwhile, Courses for an Advancing Computer Science Degree at The University of Advancing Technology are specifically curated to broach both broad and emerging subjects in order to be eventually narrowed down to meet a student’s specific interests.

As a whole, the degree is based on the idea of doing. This includes projects and real-world experiential learning so that graduates are prepared to adapt, evolve and innovate along with technology. This concept actually applies to all degrees UAT offers. 

As Coddington explained it, “The UAT journey for an Advancing Computer Science major at UAT looks like – PROJECTS! Seriously, UAT teaches through doing, creating, and demonstrating. Starting in the very first programming class, you will make a significant project. Another aspect of the ACS degree is that we apply the concepts of Legos.  Legos are building blocks of skills.  Once you have one skill, you can build upon it and make something even more amazing."

Dr_Jill_Coddington_Computer_Science copy

Dr. Jill Coddington previewing an augmented reality app created by a group of UAT students.

UAT Space Launch Coddington

Dr. Jill Coddington (center) with students at one of several UAT Space high-altitude balloon launches. 



Computer Science Curriculum and Courses

What can you expect from the Advancing Computer Science degree at UAT?

The first twelve courses focused on this major will include: Beginning Web Design Interfaces and Introduction to Programming. After taking the latter, students will be able to take on other computer science beginner courses such as C# Programming I, Java Programming I, and C/C++ Programming. That's right, as long as you register early before they fill, you can take the interesting courses right away at UAT. 

These computer science fundamental courses are the basic building blocks for the rest of the courses in the degree curriculum. Beginning Web Design teaches students how to design and create websites. At the end of the course, the student will have a live, functioning site and a better understanding of how to build a coherent, professional-looking webpage. Introduction to Programming is similar in that it further lays the foundation down for students. Students in this course learn several different programming techniques as well as get the chance to exercise their problem-solving skills in a way that can be transferred to everyday life.

After the introductory courses, students can then branch out and further develop their skills with a minimum of twelve hours of courses, including Java Programming II and C# Programming II. Also available are courses on software engineering and dynamic website building.

The final set of a minimum of twelve credits are designed to synergize the information established by the previous courses in a more advanced fashion. Students will get the opportunity to take courses such as Building Dynamic Websites II, Operating Systems Theory, and Big Data Analytics.

Along with these degree-oriented classes, the University of Advancing Technology requires a minimum of 28 credits in their core classes, which include internships, legal and ethical technological practices, and Student Innovation Projects.

Whoa. That sounds like a lot. 

It can feel like a lot at first glance but don't feel discouraged. There's a reason UAT emphasizes that it provides a mentored education. With small class sizes (16:1 student-to-professor ratio) and access to friendly, experienced and knowledgable professors like Dr. Jill Coddington, who are more like mentors, students are supported throughout their journey of earning their degree. Not only that but because UAT understands the nature of technology evolution, if the education a UAT alumnus received is not applicable or outdated, UAT graduates may be eligible to audit courses for life


What Can You Do With a Computer Science Degree?

Career opportunities for computer science majors are constant and ever-growing. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment for computer and mathematical jobs will increase by 13.1% by 2024. It also mentions that as of 2014, computer and mathematic occupations are among the highest paying careers. According to code.org, a Computer Science major can make 40% more in salary compared to other majors.

Also, we've repeatedly seen careers in the computer science, software development and software engineering fields take up many of Glassdoor's Top 50 Best Jobs in the US List since the company started compiling their report.  

Dr. Coddington backed the stats. She said, “One value of the Advancing Computer Science degree is the job market. It is predicted that the number of computer scientists needed will increase by more than 20% every year for the next decade. Next, and directly related is salary. Although all-depending and never promised, we've seen some UAT graduates land entry-level positions around $70k with progression for those that perform.”

Moreover, many choose this career path simply because of its vitality and wages. However, there are many other great reasons to consider a degree in Advancing Computer Science. Virtually everything (pun intended) is linked to technology. This means that there is an innumerable quantity of careers to choose from within the field. This gives a graduate the opportunity to hone a specific interest or craft. Whether it be video games, social media, webpage building, the development of new Apps, or other jobs in IT and cybersecurity, this degree program can prepare you for it and more.

Not only does this degree open up a vast world of potential careers, but it also provides a well-balanced load of information beneficial for not only an occupation but one’s life. It guarantees that whoever earns this degree has a comprehensive knowledge of essential skills that can be attractive to employers everywhere, not necessarily just those looking for a computer genius.

Besides financial security and career freedom, an education in advancing computer science can be an investment in a better future for our world. Technology is developing rapidly and with it, the invasion of privacy and rates of cybercrime. An Advancing Computer Science degree from UAT prepares individuals to deal with these current and future problems, creating a secure internet for everyone in a world where cybersecurity is majorly threatened.

Overall, the volume of opportunities and reasons to pursue a degree in Advancing Computer Science are limitless. If you’re looking to be a jack-of-all-trades computer expert with the skills and confidence necessary for advancing technological development, this degree will more than pay for itself. Most importantly, you can graduate with a degree much sooner than other universities or colleges.

UAT is a small, private technology University where courses are offered year-round and full-time students can earn their degree in 2.8 years, which means potentially less tuition costs compared to other post-secondary institutions. At UAT, not only can you graduate faster, but more importantly, enter your career field much sooner, which means more time earning income in the real world. 


Begin Earning an Advancing Computer Science Degree at UAT

If this all sounds like you're on the right path but you haven't yet requested information or applied for acceptance to UAT, now is the time. Once you've established your interest, UAT is here to help you figure out the rest. Our friendly Admissions and Financial Aid Advisors and other student support teams can support you in the process of figuring out if UAT or an Advancing Computer Science degree is right for you. Take the next steps toward your future earning Tech Respect and reach out today! 



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