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What's Trending in the Security Industry Association (SIA)

SIA and Safe Cyber Hygiene

2021 is only halfway over, and the cyber community is seeing an ever-growing number of attacks on infrastructure and the cyber landscape at large. Some of the largest attacks so far have been through supply chain attacks, or methods by which individuals can attack a company by intercepting devices or data between the supplier and the consumer. We saw this with SolarWinds, as an attacker successfully broke into the SolarWinds code repository and made changes that were pushed out to their customers, facilitating an attack.

We are also in the midst of increasing tension and hostilities between governments. Foreign adversaries have been executing more flagrant and obviously hostile attacks against industry and infrastructure that is presenting an opportunity for escalation. Some members of the government have questioned whether we can or should be providing a kinetic or violent response to some of these attacks due to their devastating effect on the American people.

We can protect ourselves from some of these threats by continuing to practice safe cyber hygiene. It's pretty simple: Don't click strange links, keep your computer up-to-date, and avoid opening unsolicited attachments.

While we cannot defend against all attacks, we can certainly modify our behavior to reduce the threat footprint that we generate.

Check out the SolarWinds attack timeline:

GAO SolarWinds Infographic April 2021

More about UAT’s Cyber Programs

Our cyber security degree majors and cyber security lab are recognized by industry and government entities alike for their ability to help generate the future innovators of the cyber security industry. We focus on creating true leaders who will have mastery in ethical hacking and uphold the highest industry standard of cyber integrity in our quickly evolving world of cyber security technology and online security.

Visit the University of Advancing Technology for more information on all our cyber security majors. 

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