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Zombies vs. Humans

Spotted! University of Advancing Technology (UAT) zombie fighters are having a great time! What is the most popular game of tag? College students would argue it’s Humans vs. Zombies, which is played around the world.


UAT’s campus is the perfect place for a high-intensity game of tag. With a field of grass situated between Founder’s Hall and the Commons, there’s room to run! Or, plan a sneak attack by hiding out in the New Technology Lab, Cyber Warfare Range, or the Motion Capture and Composite Studio.


Humans vs. Zombies is a survival game of tag. All players start the game as humans, and depending on the size of the game, one or two token players are chosen to be the Original Zombies. The Original Zombie eats (tags) the human players, who then turn into zombies. The zombies must eat the humans (at least one human every 48 hours), or they starve to death and are out of the game, resulting in a human win.


Luckily, the double tap rule isn’t a requirement in this game! Humans fend off zombies with socks, marshmallows and foam darts! The zombies win when all human players have been turned into zombies.


Gameplay Quick Rules:

  • If a zombie is hit, they are stunned for fifteen minutes.
  • Human players must keep their ID card on them during the game. If a human gets attacked by a zombie, the human must surrender their card and become a zombie after one hour has elapsed.
  • Zombies typically wear headbands to distinguished themselves from humans.
  • There are established “safe zones” that humans can enter without fear of attack.
  • Non-players are not allowed to interfere with gameplay.
  • Sometimes gameplay includes a mission. The winning side gets a reward that usually penalizes the losing side.


The fun never stops at UAT. The next time you feel like playing a high-intensity game of tag, join your fellow UAT zombies.


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