Professor Aaron Jones Answers the Question: Can you get hired for a cyber job when you're right out of college?
September 29, 2020


What to Watch This Season
September 24, 2020


How to Prevent Cryptojacking
September 21, 2020


How's Your Headspace?
September 11, 2020

10 Ways to Help When Your Mental Health is Suffering


Summer SIP Showcase: UAT Students Present Industry Innovations
September 3, 2020


Cool New Course: Learn ELK Stack
August 25, 2020


Meet Featured Fall Student Lucas Rattigan
August 25, 2020


2020 is All Fun and Games at UAT
August 6, 2020

Summer Game Jam Themed for Life in 2020


At the end of July, UAT students and alumni wrapped up the summer semester by competing in the Summer 2020 UAT Game Jam. Hosted online from July 17–26, the 9-day jam was designed to be open to all levels, including those who had never even made a game before, with professors available on Discord to mentor and help solve problems. Veteran jammers and experienced developers were also strongly encouraged to partner with and mentor the newbies.

Finding the Place Where Your Student Fits
August 5, 2020

An Interview with Shellye Cayce

Job Talk with Neil Shah from Carvana
July 30, 2020

One of the most common questions students have when choosing their field of study is also a very important question—will I be able to find a job when I graduate?

UAT Refurbathon Results in 121 Free Computers for Title 1 Schools
July 27, 2020

AZ StRUT and UAT Students Rebuilt Computers for Schools Throughout Three-Day Competition

Cyber Criminals Hold Schools Hostage with Ransomware, FBI Warns
July 7, 2020


Lights, Camera, Discover Turns Imaginations Into Opportunity
June 30, 2020


At UAT, we are committed to helping our students find great employment and internships that match their skill sets. In fact, our Students Services team is actively working with companies who understand that although things may be different right now, we must still keep moving forward. 


One such organization is Lights Camera Discover (LCD), a 501c3 nonprofit organization led by Executive Director Kema Charles, that provides underserved youth opportunities to develop confidence, build self-esteem, and learn teamwork through digital arts programs.



Kema Charles, Executive Director and Founder of Lights Camera Discover works with students on filmmaking and animation basics.


In addition to working with Student Services to match students with the needs of their nonprofit, Lights Camera Discover also works with Crystal Onyema, a National Admissions Representative at UAT. "I’ve known Kema Charles for seven years," said Crystal. "We randomly met at an old job and connected from day one! I have now been on the Board for the past five years. Before that, I taught screenwriting and helped run the bootcamps."



Crystal Onyema, a National Admissions Representative at UAT, is a Board member and volunteer at Lights Camera Discover. 


Crystal says that thanks to Kema, LCD is really on the upswing. "Kema has taken the nonprofit to several other cities but still calls the Phoenix area its home," she said. "Dozens of successful workshops have been carried out and students spend time creating, shooting and editing their own films/animations. Kids who initially come in shy, withdrawn or with a defense mechanism are seen to gain confidence, and break out of their shell. For some, it is the first time being asked to be a part of a team, have responsibilities to carry out tasks. Some of the subject matter focuses in on self-confidence, social awareness and anti-bullying."


An Interview with Alumni Terra Cooke
June 18, 2020

Recently, I sat down (Zoomed, rather) with UAT alum and network security badass Terra Cooke. She is an epic presence—worldly, thoughtful and brings vibes of power and leadership to any situation she walks into.

Mission 5: UAT in Space!
June 15, 2020

I think it’s safe to say that the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” has been overdone, and then some. But after looking at the photos from our latest near-space Mission 5, I simply cannot find the words to describe what the students have accomplished.


Our commitment to equality.
June 8, 2020

Considering the unrest and outpouring of anger currently sweeping the nation over the death of George Floyd at the hands of police, I would like to remind my fellow employees of the injustices that persist in our society today. We must view this time as a searing reminder that there is still much to be done, to combat inequality in the hopes of a better and brighter future for generations to come. While there are no simple solutions to magically make the hurt and pain disappear, we must endeavor to use this extraordinarily painful time as the turning point on this important issue.

Alumni Randall Tatum: Leveled Up as an Gaming Entrepreneur
June 3, 2020


Seek Out Hackers Before They Sneak In
May 29, 2020


Endings Bring New Beginnings
May 21, 2020


The Yogi in the Pandemic
May 12, 2020

By Dr. Mark Bowles

Securing the IoT Environment
May 6, 2020

Google Home, smart watches, Nest, you’ve probably used one of these popular IoT devices before. This helpful technology allows users to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-computer interaction. This means you can have a smart home, or an IoT environment, where devices can communicate with each other for seamless user experiences.

Alumni Highlight
April 29, 2020

Scott Velasquez

Blood Donation on the Go
April 29, 2020

Did you know that 4.5 million Americans need a blood transfusion each year? That equals 43,000 pints of donated blood used each day in the United States and Canada. Luckily, one donation can potentially save up to three lives.

Drawing Class in the UAT Movement Studio
April 29, 2020

Day one of the beginner drawing class starts with students exploring many types of traditional media. Getting comfortable with Conte crayon, various types of charcoal and art pencils is their first assignment. The drawing class guides students through an introduction to the hardness scale for art pencils and a tutorial on how different hardness levels of graphite react to erasing and blending. The goal of this class exercise is to introduce students to manipulating foreign media. We can’t wait to see the art they create!

Zombies vs. Humans
April 29, 2020

Spotted! University of Advancing Technology (UAT) zombie fighters are having a great time! What is the most popular game of tag? College students would argue it’s Humans vs. Zombies, which is played around the world.

April 29, 2020

Student-led multimedia production company at UAT brings together innovation, creativity and a group of nerds. BunchOfNerds (BON) was created as a club for students to create projects and network.

Junior Achievement Financial Literacy Game
April 29, 2020

What does financial literacy mean? You see articles on high schools graduating students who know math and how to read and write, but they are lacking fundamental life skills, including financial literacy. When many young adults move out, they still don’t know how to budget, pay bills or get insurance.

Underwater Robotics Heads to RoboSub 2020
April 29, 2020

UAT makes students’ dreams a reality.

Tech Tank
April 23, 2020

Did you know UAT has their own version of Shark Tank, coined Tech Tank, where students pitch their hypothetical business ideas to a panel of real-world potential investors, business owners and entrepreneurs. The goal of Tech Tank is to see who can give the best pitch, arrive the most prepared and encourage the panel to invest in their idea. 

Meet New Freshmen
April 23, 2020

Rebecca Levasseur

The Provost Challenge
April 23, 2020

Pictured front row: Blanca Vasquez, Antonio Newman, El Rois. Middle: Michael Durst, Jorge Martinez, Aramis Wero. Back: Donovan Potter

Bears, Tigers, Hedgehogs—OH MY!
April 15, 2020

Pictured:  Ricky Eredia with a lesser Madagascar hedgehog tenrec

Don't Delete Zoom, But Watch Your Back
April 4, 2020


Live the Life You Deserve: A Message from Robert, UAT Grad Student and Assistant Director of Admissions
April 3, 2020

During a pandemic, it’s very easy to give up. There is a buffet of factors to choose from to justify that opinion.

From UAT Parents to UAT Student Parents: You Got This
April 1, 2020

By Lisha Dunlap, Sr. PR Assoc., Media & Influencer Relations.


Financial Aid and the CARES Act
March 31, 2020

Uncertain times. Those are the words repeated in every news program, commercial, article, and post. And although accurate, these two words have a very heavy connotation and carry the weight of our nation’s current fears.

What to Do While Social Distancing
March 20, 2020

For some, keeping their distance from the rest of the world is a dream come true, and for others, it’s a bit of a nightmare. But no matter where you fall in the spectrum of introvert vs. extrovert, we all could use a little help keeping busy throughout this time of self-quarantine. Because everyone needs a better option than a Hallmark movie marathon…

Global Game Jam 2020 Levels Up
February 10, 2020

Friday, January 31 through Sunday, February 2 The Global Game Jam (GGJ)—the world's largest game jam event—happened around the world, with a physical location taking over the campus of the University of Advancing Technology (UAT).

Why You Should Pursue a Technology Degree - Top Emerging Careers in 2020
January 30, 2020

Each year, a variety of professional development organizations release data on emerging and in-demand fields to help the market predict changes and bridge gaps in the talent workforce. This data is informative for career-changers, but especially important for younger students planning for their future and choosing a college degree. For those interested in becoming a tech expert in some function of Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, Data Science, Robotics or Cyber Security, there appears to be a promising future ahead.

Data Privacy Best Practices According to Arizona Cyber Security Experts
January 28, 2020

This past fall, AZBigMedia hosted a panel of Arizona Cyber Security experts at the AZ Tech Talk, moderated by UAT’s very own Data Privacy expert, Dr. Dave Bolman, University of Advancing Technology’s Provost and Chief Academic Officer. The panel was brought together to provide critical information to Arizona individuals, businesses, and schools on the rising concern of data privacy, how to safeguard systems to prevent a cyber security breach from occurring, where to find cyber security resources and how to get help after a cyber-attack of at any level has occurred.

CES: Connectivity, Robots and a New Reality
January 21, 2020

by Valerie Cimarossa, Vice President, Marketing & Technology

UAT Alum Become Storyists, Abroad
January 14, 2020

Jacob Glass and Ceara McSherry have gone a long way since graduation... literally, a long way in their travels across the globe. From zip-lining through the rain forest to chasing shipwrecks off the coast of New Zealand, these two have documented an exciting voyage since leaving campus, capturing their adventures and beautiful surroundings. As they come to the end of their journey, we sent them some questions about life after UAT. Read on. 

AR Escape Room Makes Phoenix News
January 11, 2020

UAT students created a virtual escape room for their Student Innovation Project, and Phoenix is buzzing about it!


It Doesn’t Matter if You Don’t Like Barbie’s Pink Spacesuit
January 10, 2020

by: Valerie Cimarossa, UAT Vice President of Marketing & Technology


Last summer Mattel released a new line of scientist Barbies co-designed with National Geographic and ecologist Nalini Nadkarni. The line includes Barbies featuring scientific careers such as a marine biologist, astrophysicist, photojournalist, conservationist and entomologist. This isn’t Barbie’s first STEM career. In past years Barbie has worked as a computer engineer, a Mars explorer, an architect, a game developer and most recently a robotics engineer. But what impact on our young people, with career aspirations as big as their imaginations, does this really have?

Tech Goes Wild - Phoenix Zoo Animals Visit UAT
December 19, 2019



Meet Drew Foster, Animal Curator at the Phoenix Zoo and Adjunct Associate Professor at UAT. It’s well-known that UAT tech classes are hands on, but many don’t know that our expert adjuncts also bring other real-world experiences to their classrooms, and Drew has done that in an exciting way through his Animal Diversity class.


Read how bringing zoo animals into the classroom has made for greater learning for UAT students, and see what’s ahead for Drew’s spring courses.


Students Decorate Founder’s Hall for the Holidays
December 17, 2019

Our students are preparing to be holly jolly for the holiday season!

Tips for Shopping Safe Online This Holiday Season
November 29, 2019

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before clicking 'Buy Now':


Top 10 Kick Ass Tech Gifts NOT Everyone is Talking About...YET!
November 22, 2019

With the Christmas countdown on, the tech-savvy and their parents may struggle to find a gift cool enough for those who can already design their own game or program a robot. But don’t worry, we got you. We interviewed the President of University of Advancing Technology, Jason Pistillo, for this year's hottest gifts to ensure your ability to knock your recipient's plushy Star Wars-themed socks off.

Count Us In: UAT Students Participate in Tempe Creatives for the Count
November 19, 2019

The U.S. Census Bureau is preparing for the 2020 Count, and the City of Tempe is joining their efforts to spread awareness and highlight its importance. On Friday, Nov. 15, student creatives and community storytellers met at the Tempe History Museum for Tempe Creatives for the Count, a collaborative event held to brainstorm and design digital content and messaging that will spread awareness about the 2020 census. 

CodeDay 2019 Winners Announced
November 18, 2019

On Saturday, November 9, 2019, approximately 100 students from across the Phoenix area came to UAT’s campus for CodeDay, a 24-hour marathon to test their skill in app and game design. Students of all experience levels teamed up and worked all night long, learning from mentors and presentations along the way. “We provided sessions for them to learn about different coding languages, as well as actual applications like GameMaker, Construct, and Unity,” explained Kathy Mitchell from State Farm, one of the main event sponsors.  

Honoring Veterans and UAT’s Founder, Dominic Pistillo
November 11, 2019

UAT would like to take a moment to thank our active military and veterans for their courage, sacrifice, effort, time, and service to our country. Our 100% STEM university is dedicated to providing our military friends with an innovative higher education, ongoing support through giving and community engagement, and pathways for achieving success. On Veterans Day, we find it most appropriate to honor our original veteran and UAT’s founder, Dominic Pistillo.

CodeDay Attracts Area Phoenix Students for a Programming Marathon
November 8, 2019

Local High School and College Students Team Up at UAT for 24 Hours of Innovation


UAT invites local community to Military Appreciation Reception
October 29, 2019

In honor of Veteran’s Day approaching, the military-friendly University of Advancing Technology (UAT) is hosting an open Military Appreciation night on Thursday, November 7th from 5 - 8 pm to honor and thank those that are actively serving or have served for the U.S. military.

8 UAT Cyber Degree Students Compete at the 2019 Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition
October 11, 2019

University of Advancing Technology is excited to announce that eight of our students earning cyber security degrees will be competing in the 2019 Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition (CPTC) Regionals event October 11-13th. Although UAT's on-ground campus is physically located in Tempe, Arizona, our cyber security students have been invited to compete with the Northeastern Regional group hosted at Penn State University.


Happy Ada Lovelace Day!
October 8, 2019

by Taylor Nakakihara


On Tuesday, October 8th we celebrate the achievements of women in STEM on Ada Lovelace Day. UAT takes pride in our support of girls and women in tech. We collaborate with the Girl Scouts of Cactus-Pine and the Boys and Girls Club on the development of STEM curricula for their organizations. It is our pleasure to continually support the events and efforts of Girls in Tech, Girls Who Code, Girls Rule Foundation, ISAACA She Leads Tech, Women Techmakers, Phoenix Women IT Unite, and more.

Artificial Intelligence and Cars: Where Do We Stand?
September 13, 2019

by Jayson Goetz, Contributor


As the digital age progresses, technological innovations push 'smart' goods into more and more facets of our daily lives. From voice assistants to kitchen appliances connected through the 'internet of things,' these breakthroughs continually bring us unprecedented convenience and ease of use—and it becomes difficult to picture getting through our daily tasks before these technologies were available.

UAT Ranked Among the Top 10 Best Video Game Design Colleges Online.
September 12, 2019

The Hero's Toolkit for Navigating Your Career
August 1, 2019


On August 6, 2019, University of Advancing Technology (UAT) seniors will be presenting their Student Innovation Projects (SIP) for their peers and teachers. UAT fosters the entrepreneur spirit and engraves it in student's minds by requiring all students to develop and present a product in order to graduate. It is details and educational requirements like these that develops career-ready individuals with tools to help them begin providing value to the tech industry in a multitude of roles -- just like our upcoming SIP Host and UAT alumni Erin Ali.

Newbs, Just Ask! UAT Offers a True Community Experience
July 29, 2019

Fall semester is right around the corner and in just over a month new freshman will arrive on campus excited, nervous and full of ideas and expectations. One of UAT's best attributes is its ability to make everyone feel welcome and like family. Our campus isn't full of fast food chains and shopping malls, but it's jammed packed with tech and intelligent, creative people not only attending but also making UAT their career and home for educating other like-minded individuals.  


UAT Provost Dr. David Bolman (left) recognizes the dedicated Experience Leaders (EXL) who make new students feel welcome on campus. Because they successfully completed one full year of service, they are receiving a coveted letter of recommendation from Provost Bolman that will go into their portfolios. EXL leaders are enthusiastic, outgoing student leaders who apply and are selected by UAT to help familiarize new students with the campus, share insights about life at UAT, work on-campus events, and help them begin to feel connected and at home.


Along with EXL members, you can also find other student workers giving tours, working the front desk and other departments on campus. Almost every Monday you will see UAT staff and faculty walking around with black UAT shirts that say mentor. Each Mentor Monday students are encouraged to engage with faculty and staff outside of the classroom setting and learn more about "the real world" or career paths in tech, or even how to make the best ramen bowl on Thursdays in the UAT restaurant.


There's a reason why alumni come back and sit in on classes often and how quickly that anxious freshman feeling is only a memory. So if you're new on campus this fall and you don't know where something is or you have a question -- just ask someone.

UAT Provost Dave Bolman addresses new concerns over FaceApp which makes you look old
July 18, 2019

TEMPE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Using the phone application “FaceApp” has blown up on social media over the past week. But experts are warning that the fun of instantly aging a person’s photo can come with a catch.

The Hero's Toolkit for Navigating Your Career Campaign
July 15, 2019

When navigating your career, there’s a breadth of tools at your disposal as a hero in this adventure. In this talk, Erin will unpack the inventory she’s collected to help prepare you for the journey ahead.


What are DEFCON Groups (DCG or DC-Groups)?
July 2, 2019



UAT Student Develops HoloLens VR Project
July 1, 2019

BetterKeyer, a New Nuke Gizmo
July 1, 2019

Do you know how visual effects are made? Green screen filming is made possible through digital visual effect applications like Nuke, a node-based composting toolkit.

S#!T—Watch Your Language!
July 1, 2019

Playing online video games is like running through a minefield of curse words. Watch Your Language is a tool kit trying to make the gaming experience more family friendly.


This Student Innovation Project (SIP), created by duo Rocky Vargas and Michael Shepherd, monitors what players are saying and flags inappropriate words. Rocky explains, “Our innovation claim is that gameplay is intensified by turning to foul language gamers use into a mechanic for punishment.”


There isn’t anything for gaming that uses speech recognition this way. If Watch Your Language detects vulgar words, alarms sound and the monitor will display the word. This mechanic is meant to monitor in real-time and can be universally used because there is a coded element that can be written for any word.


Because of the code, this technology can expand into more than just the gaming industry. Software and other technologies written in code can apply Watch Your Language if it’s compatible with a microphone.


Rocky wrote the original code to detect specific words and activated the streaming portion of this SIP. Michael polished the code and hooked it all up.


Do you want to drive the future of games? Check out UAT’s Game Programming degree.

Experience a True Player Vs. Environment Game
July 1, 2019

Looters of the Arcane is a post-modern survival horror game where players travel to past eras to find mysterious objects. With the use of a Time Sphere, players can collect these objects for the antiquities company they currently work for in the distant future.

Women in Tech
July 1, 2019

Terra Cooke

Meet New Freshmen
July 1, 2019


Grab Your Bokken!
July 1, 2019

University of Advancing Technology (UAT) boasts of many interesting clubs, including Kendo Club! Kendo is a type of traditional Japanese martial art that originated from swordsmanship. Through the combination of physical activity and teachings of self-restraint and discipline, students learn the basics of swordplay and respect for the opponent. Practices are every Friday night and comprise of activities such as defending against a constant attacker, armored first strike and verbal lessons.


Think Tank Amplifies Creation
July 1, 2019

Innovation is dripping from every corner at University of Advancing Technology (UAT), so it’s not surprising that the residence hall features five different Think Tanks. Congregate and create new friendships in the Think Tank closest to you. With technology at every student’s fingertips, it’s no wonder innovations to improve the world are constantly being discovered. AT UAT, students have the freedom to be visionaries to explore and test the unknown.


Grab Some Knowledge from The Commons
July 1, 2019

Camaraderie between teachers and students is huge at University of Advancing Technology (UAT). This is especially evident in the Commons, where students and teachers alike join study parties, collaborate on projects and run scrum sprints.


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