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Egg and Spoon Race

Don’t crack under pressure as students dash about! Once described as sporting events by Wikipedia, egg-and-spoon races may seem over-easy on the surface, but they aren’t for the faint of heart or the cracked yolk.

Even Guinness World Records has published a number of world records related to egg-and-spoon racing. Surprisingly, these are mostly held by one serial record-holder and egg-obsessed New Yorker Ashrita Furman. He holds multiple records for the fastest 100 meter and mile egg-and-spoon race, including holding the spoon with one hand, both hands and his mouth.

Grab your reliable silver spoon and steady your steps, but don’t lose your balance or humpty dumpty might fall and not get back up again.

UAT is mostly fun and games — our faculty won’t let you crack under pressure! Meet them here.


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A Proud Voice: Cyn and the GSA

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Frustration Piñata

UAT students congregated in the quad to show off their batting skills and release pent up energy with the frustration piñata. Students went up to bat with a sole goal in mind — kill for the candy. ...