Players use a Time Sphere to travel to previous eras in this post-modern survival horror game.  Their quest is to find arcane objects for the antiquities company they work for. This Student Innovation Project (SIP) is innovative because of its use of True PVE. Regis Jerry, coined this as an “environment with a personality,” the Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability in the game gives the player a truly immersive experience.


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The game is played in first-person.  The player searches for the arcane object while facing challenges presented by the environment. Each level defines the interactions between the player and the environment.  This gives the game a sense of differing personalities depending on the time the player is searching for the arcane object.   The player has the ability to use the environment to their advantage or let it hinder their game play. The Asylum, Ancient Egypt, Feudal Japan, and Ancient Greece are some of the places players can look forward to fighting in.  The player fights off aspects of the environment that tries to kill them through the use of a gun and crosses found in the environment. Ultimately the player sells each arcane object they find to the highest bidder in the future. The objects found are what shaped the current world, giving the game a surreal effect. The creators of the game will launch Looters of the Arcane for free on Steam in the spring by Evil Bear Gaming, with the goal of generating a name for the team of creators.