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Shuffle the Deck and Play Cards

UAT chock-full of gamers ranging from video to tabletop to board! It’s no surprise to find students gathering and giggling for a game of Cards Against Humanity, the fill-in-the-blank statement card game. Or catch students playing with a more historic set of cards — tarot! Whether they’re exploring divination or playing tarocchini, laughs can be heard.

Countless card games exist with categories ranging from casino to collectible to catch and collect games. No matter what your favorite card game is, there are sure to be others who share your passion for playing cards at UAT.

UAT is so much more than just fun and games. Discover why you should attend.


5 Tips for College Freshmen to Make the Most of Your First Year

How can college freshmen make the most of their first year of college? Embrace the newness. 
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A Proud Voice: Cyn and the GSA

For Pride month, we set out to talk to students who wanted to use our platform to share their thoughts. It became much more than that.
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Frustration Piñata

UAT students congregated in the quad to show off their batting skills and release pent up energy with the frustration piñata. Students went up to bat with a sole goal in mind — kill for the candy. ...