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Spring SIP Fair Showcases Student Innovation--And Resilience

On Tuesday, April 14, UAT students presented their Student Innovation Projects (SIP). This time, however, it was not in our traditional theatre—but virtually—through Zoom.


A student’s SIP is a reflection of what they learned at UAT, as well as production of a tangible project to showcase for future job opportunities. Although students and judges were not able to be physically in attendance, the presenters used their skills to feature their work through virtual means, utilizing technology as they would be required to do in real life.


Each presenter was allowed 10 minutes to present their product or service, how it works, and what their claim to innovation is. The presentations concluded with a Q&A session where the person or team was asked about their project, such as the challenges to bring it to life, their product’s current status and market-readiness, and their plans for monetization and/or the future of the product.


Professor Dapzury Valenzuela, Art Direction Professor at UAT, led the virtual presentations and was very pleased with how the students adapted. “I couldn't be prouder of our students and their presentations at the Spring 2020 SIP Showcase,” she said. “Not only did they continue their work amidst the challenges imposed by social distancing, they finished off with strong, innovative projects that exemplify what UAT is all about—creating with technology.” She continued, “Our existing digital systems paired with the dedication of the faculty and staff made this one of the best SIP fairs yet! I am grateful for the opportunity to facilitate and guide young minds towards the future because we need it now more than ever.”


The following are the SIP projects presented by program:


Network Security, Network Engineering, Technology Forensics

Name: Christopher Swinney


SIP Title: IDScanGo

Project Description:
IDScanGo will take digitized versions of the most commonly used documents in a dealership and use a bar code on an applicable ID to autofill all applicable information. This would take the 30-minute purchase process and cut it down to two minutes.

Degree Major:
Network Security



ID-to-PDF Logo


Name: Robert O'Connor

Project Title: Encrypter

Project Description:
Encryption and Integrity tool built using Python 3.

Degree Major:
Network Security


SIP URL: https://robertoconnor.weebly.com/


Robert_OConnor_Encrypter Poster


Name(s): Jose Colunga and Colin Leavy


Project Title: CreditChain


Project Description: A credit system implementation backed by Hyperledger Fabric, a Blockchain platform. It provides transparency in a distributed system and removes the need for high risk information (e.g. social security numbers).


Degree Major(s): Jose Colunga (Network Security & Network Engineering) & Colin Leavy (Network Security)


SIP URL:  https://rafacolunga27.wixsite.com/sip404-portfolio




Name(s): Jace Alexander and James Rodgers

Project Title: Mind Sculptor

Project Description: A piece of software that is able to configure a network of computers to be vulnerable to different attacks on a network while also managing the look and feel of the virtual machines to allow for people to feel like they are in a live fire environment.

Degree Major(s): Jace Alexander (Network Security) and James Rodgers (Network Security, Network Engineering and Technology Forensics)

SIP URL: https://881uwu.github.io/sip.html




Name(s): Dennis Entsie


Project Title: Voomerang Anti-phishing


Project Description: A detecting and investigative tool against phishing threat and spam from emails.


Degree Majors: Network Security and Technology Forensics


SIP URL: https://projectvoomerang.wixsite.com/anti-phishing




Name: Daniel Serrano


Project Title: Voomerang


Project Description: The virtual email reader that blocks phishing emails.


Degree Majors: Network Security, Network Engineering and Advancing Computer Science




Business Technology


Name: Jade Bolman


SIP Title: Space Launch: A Kyrene District Collaboration


Project Description: UAT has worked aside a group of STEM Focused eighth graders from multiple classrooms to use maker space technology to conduct experiments that will be built in to the UAT Space Program's payload. After the high-altitude balloon launches, these middle schoolers will be able to collect data from their experiments and build it into their regular course curriculum. 


Degree Major: Business Technology


SIP URL: https://jadeportfoliosip.wixsite.com/portfoliosip/sip





Digital Video


Name: Jacob Hannah 


Project Title: Captcha! Camera Rental


Project Description: On-site autonomous camera rental station. 


Degree Major: Digital Video


SIP URL: https://editor.wix.com/html/editor/web/renderer/edit/e2932d01-c4f6-418f-a23d-4ba339246f40?metaSiteId=f41ffa1b-78d8-4709-9485-9364fbcbf531&editorSessionId=984b2760-1a98-43e1-8079-2cb05c5e28c2&referralInfo=dashboard




Names: Alexandra Raipe and Ramon Velazquez


Project Title: Project Hectate


Project Description: A traditional and 360 short film where no matter where you're looking something is happening.


Degree Major: Digital Video


SIP URL: https://alexandraraipe.weebly.com/senior-innovation-project.html





Advancing Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence


Name: Samael Newgate

Project Title: Combat Sports App

Project Description: 
An app focused on combat sports that provides a one-stop source for all combat sports news.

Degree Majors:
Advancing Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence


SIP URL: https://samnewga.github.io/SIP-Portfolio/ https://samnewga.github.io/sam-portfolio20/sip




Name(s): Jason Johnson (Lead Developer), Zach Thompson (Front End), and Trevor Kinard (Tech Lead)


Project Title: Project Athena: a revolutionary front-end interface for neural network training.


Project Description: The worlds most advanced neural network training interface.


Degree Major: Advancing Computer Science


SIP URL: https://zathom.wixsite.com/athena




Name: Hakim Ottey


Project Title: Adaptchar


Project Description: A Neural Network-based project that allows the player to train their party members by just playing the game.


Degree Majors: Game Design and Advancing Computer Science 


SIP URL: https://pkpulsefall.wixsite.com/hakimottey/production




Name: David Reyes


Project Title: Spider Swarm


Project Description: An independent spiderbot with facial recognition capabilities and artificial intelligence (AI) to determine friend or foe.


Degree Major: Advancing Computer Science







Name: Samuel Aaron Cooper


Project Title: Sinfonia


Project Description: “Sinfonia” is a game/program that teaches the user how to play the piano through rhythm game styled challenges while using the piano keyboard as the controller.


Degree Majors: Advancing Computer Science and Robotics & Embedded Systems


SIP URL: https://aaron1573.wixsite.com/mysiteportfolio/sip


Sinfonia Poster (Update 5)


Name: Brandon Michelsen


Project Title: Project Aeolus


Project Description: An Arduino-compatible, hobbyist-friendly guided parachute system for high-altitude projects.


Degree Major: Robotics and Embedded Systems


SIP URL: https://bgmtechnologies.wordpress.com/project-aeolus/





Game Art & Animation,  Game Design , Game Programming and Virtual Reality


Name(s): Justine Grauel and Ethan Page


Project Title: Our Minds


Brief Description of Project: An augmented mental disability simulator allowing users to interact with and experience mental disabilities.


Degree Major(s): Justine Grauel (Game Art and Animation and Virtual Reality) Ethan Page, (Game Programming)


SIP URL: https://mentaldisabilitysimulator.wordpress.com/




Name: Christopher Koon


Project Title: Proficiency Skill Sphere Map


Project Description: Proficiency Skill Sphere Map is a proficiency leveling system with a sphere map to create a nearly infinite number of possible character outcomes.


Degree Majors: Game Programming and Advancing Computer Science


SIP URL: https://www.koon-programming.com/sip


ChristopherKoon_FNL_SIP Poster (1)


Name: Jacob Pigg


SIP Title: Ægir


Project Description: Ægir is a completely scalable large body water system featuring a mesh generation and tiling system, custom adaptive and reactive shaders, and a GPU particle system for splashes and mist. The system adapts to any environment its placed in by generating a depth and flow texture which influences the movements of the water surface in the shader.


Degree Major: Game Programming


SIP URL: https://www.jacobpigg.com/aegir




Name: Connor Bish


Project Title: Revise.WAV


Project Description: Revise.wav is a musical system that changes depending on the player’s stats and abilities.


Degree Major: Game Design


SIP URL: https://connorbishmp3.wixsite.com/sound-design/awards




Name: Kenneth Frueh


Project Title: Battery UI


Description: A user interface that is controlled and limited by player choice and each HUD icon has its own value and level of information.


Degree Major: Game Design


SIP URL: https://hexusdesign.weebly.com/sip.html




Name: Nicholas Hodes


Project Title: PosTear


Project Description: Arts and crafts-based puzzle mechanic that can turn set pieces into destructible solutions. 


Degree Majors: Game Design and Game Art and Animation


SIP URL: https://nhodes.wixsite.com/portfolio/sip




Name: Daniel McWhorter


Project Title: Pixel Easy


Project Description: Pixel Easy converts static or animated 3d objects into omnidirectional pixel art.


Degree Major: Game Art & Animation


SIP URL: https://danielmcwhorter.wixsite.com/portfolio/sip


DanielMcWhoter_Sip Poster 3v


Name: RaLen Watson-Davis


Project Title: Match Maker


Project Description: Match Maker is a 2D fighting game with memory matching.


Degree Major: Game Art and Animation


SIP URL: https://ralenportfolio.weebly.com/


RaLen_SIP Poster_MatchMaker-3


Name: Andrew Van Winkle and Victoria Arroyo


Project Title: Principles of Art


Project Description: Principles of Art is an educational game made for prospective animators looking to learn the principles of animation in a fun and interactive manner.


Degree Major: Game Art and Animation


SIP URL: andvanwi.weebly.com; https://victoriaarroyo.weebly.com/







Most Market Ready

IDScanGo by Christopher Swinney



Most Intriguing


Revise.WAV by Connor Bish



Best In Show


Pixel Easy by Daniel McWhorter



Viewer’s Choice


Mindsculptor by James Rogers and Jace Alexander



Congratulations to all of the students on their excellent work!


If you are interested in becoming a future innovator at UAT, start the process now. Apply today at www.uatfastapp.com.



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