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Student Innovation Project Showcase - Summer 2023

 At University of Advancing Technology (UAT), the Student Innovation Project (SIP) stands as the crowning achievement of an undergraduate scholar's tenacious efforts, focusing on a specific task relevant to their academic discipline and technological sphere of expertise. A SIP shares similarities with a Capstone or a Master's thesis, yet it embraces an agile and contemporary methodology for fostering a student's adeptness in navigating the professional world. Across the final three semesters at UAT, students immerse themselves completely in both the formal SIP-designated sessions and the extracurricular endeavors, orchestrating the transformation of their concepts into tangible technological products or services that stake a claim to pioneering innovation. The essence of a student's SIP transcends the mandate of introducing a novel invention or being market-ready. The central objective revolves around the creation of something ingenious by harnessing evolving technologies—a creation that holds the potential to outshine all existing counterparts in today's market landscape.

At the culmination of each academic term, UAT orchestrates an event known as the SIP Showcase, where students take the center stage to unveil their endeavors before a discerning panel of educators and an assembly composed of fellow scholars, parents and the possibility of industry luminaries. Allotted a mere 10-minute window, each presenter employs this time to elucidate their brainchild—a product or service. In this concise span, they delve into its functionality, trace the trajectory leading to their prototype, and substantiate their declaration of trailblazing innovation. The presentations draw to a close, transitioning seamlessly into an interactive Q&A session. During this segment, the presenter or team fields inquiries about their brainchild and the obstacles surmounted during its materialization. Moreover, they dissect the present stance of their creation and its preparedness for the market's embrace. Intriguingly, they also lay bare their strategies for monetization or articulate their vision for propelling the project towards tomorrow's horizons.

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The following are all of the projects presented, with links to their individual briefs. 


Stace Dixon

Project Description: A geo-locational app that connects parents and anyone with young children to places, activities, and events that prioritize being sustainable and environmentally friendly, with the added feature to build community connections.
Degree Major: Digital Marketing


Bridget Carr


As Your Wish Event Planning
Project Description: A smart, immersive application that can help couples plan their wedding through visualization features that save them money, time, and stress.
Degree Major: Digital Marketing & Advertising Art


Alexis Sloan


STEM for Kiddos
Project Description: A hands-on STEM learning box for kids ages 5-8 with a range of different topics to choose from through interactive projects and activities.
Degree Major: Network Security & Network Engineering


Vanessa Bonner


DDD (Deep, Dark, Surface Web Researching Tool)
Project Description: A research tool that will help conduct research online.
Degree Major: Network Security, Network Engineering & Advancing Computer Science


David Lujan

0823_SIP-David Lujan-3

Project Description: A software GUI that provides easy ways to install software, gather device information, and overall system cleanup.
Degree Major: Network Security


Natasha Johnson

OnVuln (Zero Day Vulnerability Notifications)
Project Description: TBD
Degree Major: Network Security (online)


Austin Foulks

Courtesy of Color
Project Description: A tool that allows developers the ability to create a color-based game that gives other systems and effects a dynamically changing presence based on the comparison of HSB values.
Degree Major: Game Programming & Game Design


Kylan Faubion


Duo Derby
Project Description: Co-op racing game where a team of two individuals work together to complete a track in the fastest time possible.
Degree Major: Game Programming


Nicholas Cullen


Nitro Combinable Powerup System
Project Description: Combining two different powerups together.

Degree Major: Game Programming (online)


Morgan Soetaert

0823_SIP-Morgan Soetaert

Medical AR Patient Data
Project Description: An AR application for doctors to visualize patient’s medical history.
Degree Major: Game Design & Game Programming


Michael Horne


Interesting Combat for Interactive Novels (ICIN)

Project Description: A gameplay system designed to introduce more interesting and interactive combat scenarios to interactive novels.
Degree Major: Game Design


Ryland Kealey


Pixel Art Palette Analysis
Project Description: Papaya is a program that can analyze the colors of a given image. It can tell the user what kinds of colors are being used, average saturation, values, and more.
Degree Major: Game Design


Connor Peterson

Hunt Mechanic
Project Description: Ability system as loot with creation of new abilities from loot.

Degree Major: Game Design


Tiffany Roberts

Color Your World
Project Description: A game that will test your skills through a variety of puzzles to restore life and color.

Degree Major: Game Art & Animation (online)


Heather Stone

Book of Gates Portal Game
Project Description: A game that captures the imagination of our past ancestors.

Degree Major: Virtual Reality (online)


Blake Mather


VR Arm Synchronization Unit
Project Description: A VR add-on that is designed to provide resistance in the user’s arm through tension.
Degree Major: Virtual Reality (online)


Brett Hoffman


Project Description: A video game development tool focused on ease of use in the field of rhythm games.
Degree Major: Game Design


Jeffrey O’Hara


Dementia 101 for Caregivers
Project Description: Dementia 101 for Caregivers is a mobile application designed to help provide education and symptom management for those caring for someone with one of the five most common types of dementia.
Degree Major: Advancing Computer Science


Dawson Katzer


Fine Haven
Project Description: An interactive decorating app that helps people select and purchase items for a room that’s free, quick and simple to use.
Degree Major: Human Computer Interaction


Max Edward


Project Description: The smart and safe motorcycle helmet visor solution that reduces distractions and improves rider safety and comfort.
Degree Major: Robotics & Embedded Systems and Digital Maker & Fabrication


Tyler Widener


F.L.A.S.H. (Flashing Lights & Amplified Sound Housing)
Project Description: A modular device for Nerf® blasters that adds customizable lights and sound.
Degree Major: Robotics & Embedded Systems


Devin DeHart


Comfort Controller
Project Description: A soft-touch controller with a comfortable grip for those with texture aversions.
Degree Major: Digital Maker & Fabrication (online)


William Bryant

Rack Pack
Project Description: A product that addresses the pressing concerns of fire safety onboard ships and submarines by securing tablets within coffin racks.
Degree Major: Digital Maker & Fabrication (online)


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