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UAT Facilities and Student Production Available in Tempe

University of Advancing Technology’s technology-infused campus in Tempe, Arizona, is full of the latest equipment for motion capture, digital video, robotics, digital fabrication, and much more—all available for students to utilize as they learn and innovate in their various degree programs. But this state-of-the-art space isn’t only available to students; it can be rented by businesses and entrepreneurs as well.

"UAT has an entire motion capture studio and professional video equipment available for people to rent for their projects,” said Jacy Smith, Business Development Specialist for Perimeter 83, UAT’s corporate training and tech startup coworking space. “Utilizing UAT facilities significantly reduces the cost and can help businesses generate much-needed video content at an affordable price."

Students are sometimes available to assist with production tasks like filming and editing, and there are a variety of different spaces for rent, including the Perimeter83 Board Room, Study, UAT Theater, a standard classroom, and a small meeting room.

Recently, the Office of the Arizona State Treasury rented the motion capture studio to film a commercial about AZ 529 with Treasurer Kimberly Yee, to be aired at this year’s

Arizona SciTech Festival. The studio includes a green screen and compositing features that provide an excellent space to capture photo, film, and digital media. It can also be used to track and capture human motion for application to digital characters.






















Interested in renting UAT facilities or hiring students for projects? Email info@perimeter83.com for more information, or visit www.perimeter83.com.

See the campus at https://www.uat.edu/see-technology-college.




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