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UAT students create a holiday tree... with MIND control!


Just kidding. But almost as cool, the students stepped up the light display in the UAT Commons with a variety of IoT designs! According to Professor Jill Coddington, the designs feature relay-controlled lights, servo motor branches, and a particle photon at its heart. “The photon has a web-based IDE that can be used to program the photon and create displays of lights and motion,” said Dr. Coddington. So, in less techy terms, it kind of looks like the tree is dancing. 😁✨🎄


ProtonStudents who participated received extra course credit and showed off their designs through a live Teams channel with Matthew Prater, Professor of Robotics and Embedded Systems, as he uploaded and played the music and lights for all to see.


“I liked this contest because the students were able to obtain all the knowledge needed in the first semester programming class and use this knowledge to develop something artistic,” said Professor Prater. “It really drew several different pieces together into a neat package. And yes, everyone got extra credit.”


A particle photon is a small IoT microprocessor that

uses Web based IDE used to control its functions.


Watch the displays:



To fully complete the project, participants were required to choose music, record time for different lighting schemes, set tree lighting points in time to the music, create a function and use set timeout functions to define light settings, and finally, add a button to run the function. The Application Programming Interfaces (API) created by the students allows CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) with a remote system.



API diagram: Students controlled the display by accessing APIs.



Virtual view of the Holiday Teams channel. 


UAT courses and competitions result in some pretty fun ways to test students’ skills!

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