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The Importance of Robotics in 2023 and Beyond

It’s no secret that humans would not be where we are today without robotics. Whether it’s something as simple as an automatic vacuum cleaner or as complex as an autonomous self-driving car, robotics are everywhere. It’s vital that humans stay up to date on new innovative technology that could propel us into the future. UAT thrives on keeping up with innovative technology. Here’s why robotics are more important and prevalent now than ever.

Robotics in the Post-Pandemic World

At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 virus quickly surged into a pandemic. This unprecedented disaster inspired many scientists and technology experts to deploy robotics in order to help. Robots are easily disinfected (and sometimes are the disinfectors), they don’t need a mask, and they are incapable of catching the coronavirus. All of these qualities make them efficient options in helping to treat this highly contagious and deadly disease. Perhaps the most popular droids employed during that time would be the ones in Kigali, Rwanda, by UB-Tech Robotics in China. They developed automatic disinfecting towers as well as friendly-looking drones capable of scanning a person’s temperature and politely reminding them to don a mask. The droids were designed to resemble Star Wars characters to inspire patient comfort.

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence

Not only were robotics revolutionary in the fight against COVID-19, but they also continue to aid humans in their everyday lives. It is relatively impossible to use the internet without partaking in some kind of artificially intelligent software. That software would not exist without robotics. Artificial intelligence is the basis behind most online activity because of a complex matrix we call the algorithm. The algorithm is different for everyone based on their internet activity. Have you ever been talking about a restaurant and then received an advertisement for it immediately afterward? That might not be the coincidence you think it is. Many believe predictive algorithms have evolved to constant listening by your devices. This is a controversial practice, but it is helpful when constructing an algorithm catered explicitly to you.

Predictive Maintenance

Another way robotics have aided humans in everyday life is with predictive maintenance. Many electronic devices are programmed to identify what kind of maintenance they need. Cars will light up certain symbols depending on what maintenance is required, and most laundry machines will do the same thing by flashing different codes. Predictive maintenance is helpful because it automatically identifies what is wrong with a machine. That way, little time is wasted trying to figure out what the machine needs when it comes time to fix it.

Robots in the Workplace

There are also robots that assist with daily life, such as food service bots and mail delivery drones. These both have been especially valuable during the Covid-19 pandemic when human contact was severely limited. They remain helpful as the nation collectively struggles with hiring enough individuals for its businesses, as they can help fill in the gaps many human workers have left. However, most robots still require some sort of human supervision, making it unlikely that robots will one day take over human jobs entirely.

Robotics Now and Forever

While you can rest assured we are far from any kind of robot apocalypse, robotics continues to develop every day. 2023 is expected to be an innovative year for the world of technology. RoboGlobal predicts the main trends to be diagnostic technology (specifically for early cancer diagnosis), mobility robots like public transportation and mail services, and evolving VR and AR technology that could mend the gap between the real world and the digital.

New technology has undiscovered capabilities that University of Advancing Technology is devoted to uncovering. UAT has a dedicated responsibility when it comes to keeping up with innovative technology. That is why we have created our Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Robotics degree programs. The goal for these degree programs and all of the degree programs at UAT is to advance them each year to complement the advancing technology surrounding them. This is an exciting way not only to stay ahead of technological trends but to create innovation that could impact the world in increasingly positive ways.

UAT wants its students to be the change we see in the world of technology as it becomes more prevalent than ever with each passing year. Our students and graduates are equipped with updated tools and technology that allow them to take strides toward a better future. For example, former UAT student, military veteran, and alumni David Strait worked on a neural prosthetic for his Student Innovation Project. His goal was to improve prosthetic function and accessibility for wounded vets with an open-source 3D printed hand, combined with the Emotiv EEG headset. Simply put, the hand was designed to be controlled by a person's thoughts, just as any natural appendage would be. This is just one instance in which a UAT student took revolutionary strides in the world of technology. You can read the full story about Strait’s robotic invention here.

Want to Learn More About Robotics? 

UAT posts weekly updates on our blog, so you can stay updated on all the technological trends and ways our students and alumni are actively changing the world. We hope you will continue to join us on our quest to advance technology in new and innovative ways!

Not enough? Request info about University of Advancing Technology's relevant creation and simulation degree offerings. If you're seeking an undergraduate degree, request information for the Robotics and Embedded Systems degree or if you have your bachelor's, go for a Master of Science degree, with a Robotics and Kinematics module. If you already know our University (UAT) is right for you, apply now and you'll find out if you're accepted within two weeks. 


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