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On September 25, 2020, nine University of Advancing Technology (UAT) students started development of their own new apps, with less than a week to concept and complete their ideas before presenting to judges and peers on October 2, 2020, via Zoom.




Dr. Jill Coddington, UAT Program Champion for Advancing Computer Science, Robotics, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence, led the competition. “App-It-Up was a short sprint for mobile development,” she said. “The contest theme was a choice between time or recreation, and the participants had 4 days to develop an app based on those themes.”


Dr. Coddington was very impressed with the results! “In my opinion, 2 of the apps are worthy of publication in the Google Play Store, even with the limited time frame,” she said. “This was such a fantastic way for students to do rapid development and hone their mobile app skills. The event was fast paced, the apps were fun, and there were lots of great results!” 📱


And the App-It-Up Mobile App winners are:


1st place 🏆

Jacob Dominski for Universal Time Zone 


2nd place 🏆 

Matt Evans for Daily Tasks 


3rd place 🏆

Noel Castillo for NY trivia 


Innovation Award 🌟

Nathan Carr for Modern Art Clock 


Watch the students present their apps, plus don’t miss the awards ceremony at the end!





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