The University of Advancing Technology (UAT) and its tech start-up space Perimeter83 held their second Refurbathon to assist Arizona Students Recycling Used Technology (AZ StRUT) refurbish donated computers.


UAT students work during the Refurbathon.


Throughout 2020, requests for computers from AZ StRUT have continually increased because of virtual learning, and many area schools have a great need for their low income students. To help meet this demand, UAT held its second Refurbathon this year, and volunteer students competed from October 2-3, 2020. The event was held as a contest to see who could complete the most computer refurbs over the 2 days. The computers were then distributed to local schools by AZ StRUT, including Topock, Yucca, Hamilton, Wilson, and Nadaburg.


121 computers were refurbished for AZ StRUT.


Maryanna Milton, Distribution Manager for AZ StRUT, highlighted the importance of this work. “You can change someone's life in fifteen minutes,” she said. “It’s that easy to learn to refurbish a computer for AZ StRUT to give to Title 1 students, families, and others who need to access online learning, healthcare and other critical resources. Our needs have never been greater!” 


Many of the UAT students learned in even less than 15 minutes! After a short video introduction, students checked the computers for any issues that kept them from use, then went to work on the hardware and software. Jacy Smith, Business Development Specialist for Perimeter83, was excited for the opportunity for UAT students to participate in such a valuable event for the community. “In addition to learning about hardware and computer components, they are contributing to keeping electronic waste out of landfills and instead putting these computers into the hands of people who need them the most,” she said.  


Jacy Smith jumps in to help refurbish the computers.

Jacy Smith jumps in to help refurbish the computers.


Students worked off and on over the 2 days, with a total of 121 computers completed for AZ StRUT! Prizes were awarded for first through third. The winners are: 1st place, Michael Brewer with 41; 2nd place, John McIntosh with 26; and 3rd place, Braiden Whitworth with 24. Also, a big thank you to Marc Benson for helping train participants as they worked.


Winners Michael Brewer (top), John McIntosh (left) and Braiden Whitworth (right). 

Winners Michael Brewer (top), John McIntosh (left) and Braiden Whitworth (right). 


The real winners of the event are the schools and students who will be receiving the computers! Thank you to our students for giving their time and expertise, and thank you to AZ StRUT for allowing us to join you in your very worthwhile cause. If you’d like to be a part of this great mission, look for another event soon!





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Lisha Dunlap

Written by Lisha Dunlap

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