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UAT General Education courses go above and beyond

At the University of Advancing Technology (UAT) we pride ourselves on creating engaging content for our classes. Even though we are a 100% STEM university our general education (GE) courses are innovative and fun. 

One of these classes is Creative Writing taught by Professor Craig Belanger. While Professor Belanger always keeps his classes engaging and fun this class had a particularly interesting assignment about flash fiction. Professor Belanger states "Flash fiction doesn’t need the set up or resolution of a traditional length short story. Instead, it works best for immediate, enticing stories that blip in and out very quickly, right on the periphery of literature, somewhere in the middle ground between traditional short stories and narrative poetry. These five stories are excellent examples of the Flash Fiction short story format from the Beginning and Advanced Creative Writing courses. They were chosen based on a number of factors, including freshness of voice, immediacy, how well they fit the format, and sheer ingenuity." 

Below are links to 5 flash fiction stories written by his students in this course. The only requirement on these stories was they had to be 500 words or less.

The Sun Always Sets by Michelle Pina

Untitled by Boone Oliverio

Disassembled Tragedy by Michelle Barrios

Mr. Whatsit's Shower by Avery Willets

What a Way to Go by Michael Horne